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Zelenodolsk shipyard could become the main contractor for the construction of 10 mixed-type cruise ships

Photo: Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation press office

As Realnoe Vremya has learned, Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation is preparing to sign a strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of river and sea-class passenger ships developed by the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau (ZPKB) at the upcoming Neva International Exhibition. The cost of the cruise ship is estimated between 1.6 billion and 2 billion rubles – that’s one and a half times less than the budget of the flagship ship Mustai Karim, built for the first time in 60 years in the country (it has started sailing in 2020). According to Renat Mistakhov, general manager of Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation, a ship in this price range (up to 2 billion) is more promising from a commercial operating point of view, and the charter is supposed to be done by the intermediary of the operators of the State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) or Mashpromleasing. Who will act as a customer of Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation’s motor ships will be known just before the deal is signed in St. Petersburg.

Ak Bars’ three-decker ship debuts at the Naval Show

Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation aimed to “dock” with the most risky pole of civilian shipbuilding, river cruise ships. In Russia, they weren’t built until the Mustai Karim ship, launched last year. This cruise liner was first built in the country in the past 60 years. Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation tried to come up with its own project.

As it became known to Realnoe Vremya, the first exhibition of the sketch of the passenger ship developed by the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau (which is part of Ak Bars) was held at the St. Petersburg Naval Salon. Along with the demonstration of the Buyan-M series small missile ship Zeleniy Dol and another Karakurt series small missile ship, the company presented a three-deck passenger ship in a preliminary conception.

The passenger ship of the RV 17400 project is designed for voyages along rivers and coastal areas of the seas – it is a “pure” river vessel, but with the possibility of being completed to go to sea. Motor vessel with mixed navigation today is the Mustai Karim, built two years ago by order of the travel company Vodohod at the Krasnoe Sormovo plant in Nizhny Novgorod. But in terms of displacement, the Tatarstan powerboat will be almost half the size of the Mustai Karim, which is considered the country’s largest cruise ship. By the way, a record budget was spent on its construction, and the cost of the ship amounted to 3.2 billion rubles.

If we compare it to a four-deck ocean liner, the Tatarstan ship can most likely be classified as a four or three star hotel on the water. It has a capacity of 170 seats, an average swimming speed is 24-25 km / h and the range of autonomous navigation can reach 2000 km (one depends on a larger payload). The cost of the ship is estimated between 1.6 billion and 2 billion rubles.

Along with the demonstration of the Buyan-M series small missile ship Zeleniy Dol and another Karakurt series small missile ship, the company presented a three-deck passenger ship in a preliminary conception. Photo: sk-akbars.ru

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov praised the civilian “novelty” of Ak Bars at the International Naval Show. Before that, he regularly came to Zelenodolsk to set up military ships for navy needs and in every way possible pushed the company to diversify construction. The ZPKB project has caused quite a stir among shipbuilding companies, as few are engaged on this subject due to the large production and financial risks. It is known that many Russian shipbuilders who carried out the keel laying of river vessels failed to launch them.

Request for replacement of 40-year-old motorboats from “old” Europe

Renat Mistakhov, Managing Director of Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation JSC, explained to Realnoe Vremya why he got involved in this brand new project. First of all, it attaches its future to the renewal of the river fleet, which will inevitably come, considers the interlocutor of the publication. According to him, we must be ready to offer an alternative.

“This topic arose after our repeated meetings and negotiations with potential operators. Cruise lines, including the Vodokhod, are showing a keen interest in ships of this class, that is, up to 2.4 tonnes displacement. It is well known that the current fleet of ships is morally and physically outdated: these are foreign motorboats from the 1960s-70s, which were supplied to us from the Czech Republic, the GDR, Hungary. Every year they barely reach the rivers, having ceased to meet the requirements of safety and comfort. They have 40 years of “experience” and more. What do we want next? Of course, they undergo a technical review every year, but only for a short period of operation, ”explained Renat Mistakhov.

The name of the launch customer for future Tatarstan motor ships has not yet been released. Practical negotiations with them took place within the framework of the 2021 International Maritime Defense Fair in St. Petersburg. “There is a real transporter who has formed a technical task for us for the construction of river boats. By their order, an exclusive project was developed, a technical statement with the composition of the equipment is being formed, on which the cost of the ship depends, “said the head of the company.

When calculating the cost, they are based on the customer’s price targets. “We start from the fact that it should be between 1.6 and 2 billion rubles,” Mistakhov said. “In this version, serial production of 10 ships is under discussion,” he described long-term plans. Currently, work is underway to minimize the cost of the supplied equipment and interior decoration of the ship (they represent up to 30% of the costs) to meet the specified parameters. The ship’s budget formation is expected to be completed in August. In September, at the Neva International Civil Shipbuilding Fair in St. Petersburg, Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation intends to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with future partners, Mistakhov said.

“All the ships that circulate on rivers today were built in Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, GDR). These are not our buildings ”, explains the general manager of Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation, explains the complexity of their work. “We are redesigning this niche. To understand what is needed, all ships of the old construction were studied. the work was done competently in them. We don’t have such experience. It must be acquired. “

Reach the contract – 2023

However, the construction financing scheme depends on the percentage of leasing offers. “We will not go straight to the contract, we need a financing tool”, explains Mistakhov. “The next step will be taken in 2022. Then, we plan to start the pre-contract work when a model for financing the construction of motor boats will be chosen,” he considers.

We are talking about attracting funds from leasing companies – GTLK or Mashpromleasing, which by their status aim to update the fleet. According to their terms, the carrier must guarantee the passage of the order in Russia, and in return he obtains a preferential lease at 2.5% per annum. In this sense, Ak Bars’ “Neva agreement” should become a prologue to the signing of the rental agreement. On the other hand, it is possible that federal funds will be attracted through national projects.

“It is difficult for a private company to provide transport: it needs financial instruments, leasing at 2.5% per year and support in the form of subsidies,” explains Mistakhov. “In turn, he will confirm that he will update the fleet. in terms of shipbuilding in Russia. We also discussed this topic at the Maritime Defense Show – they [operators] said that if the business model is profitable within 10 years, then they will be ready to support it. “

The first was a Chaika, a gasoline-powered pleasure craft built under a lease with the GTLK. Photo: Maksim Platonov

“Civil” portfolio of shipbuilders

The Zelenodolsk JSC shipyard, controlled by the Ak Bars holding company, resumed construction of civilian vessels in 2018. Since then, it has received firm orders for five mixed-type vessels in its portfolio.

The first was a Chaika, a gasoline-powered pleasure craft built under a lease with the GTLK. Its cost was more than 370 million rubles. Two modifications are possible – for 150 and 200 seats. Tatflot is expected to become its operator. At the same time, negotiations are underway for the construction of a second ship of this class. The leader of Yakutia took an interest in it and the leader of the Lena River Shipping Company PJSC was commissioned to study the offer.

This year, Gorky Shipyard won the contract from Severrechflot JSC for the supply of two Meteor-2020 ships of the 03830 project worth 820 million rubles. They are being built under the terms of a preferential lease under the state program “Development of shipbuilding and equipment for the development of offshore fields for 2013-2030.” Both vessels will operate on the Khanty route -Mansiysk-Berezovo Delivery date is October 2022..

Another contract was signed for the construction of a multi-functional rescue tug with a capacity of 4 MW of the MPSV07 project for the marine rescue service. His client was the FSI Clientele State Department. The cost is classified information, it is forbidden to disclose.

This year, there are many departures from Kazan on the flagship of the company Mustai Karim in the Luxe class. Photo: bashinform.ru

Mustai Karim arrives in Kazan

“The flow of cruise tourists to Kazan is high,” cruise company Vodokhod told Realnoe Vremya. “Due to the high demand for cruises from Kazan and stopovers in Kazan, the company has decided to increase the number of cruises and ships with an increased level of comfort. In this direction. Motor ships VodokhoD.Premium class and Vodokhod.Lux this year depart regularly from Kazan, as well as the Vodokhod class A total of 12 motor ships of the company will operate with a stopover or departure from Kazan.

The company plans for this period of navigation – 125 ship calls in Kazan. By comparison, in 2019, its ships made more than 80 calls in Kazan. This year there are many cruises departing from Kazan on the flagship of the company Mustai Karim of the Lux class – the last cruise ship of the PV300 project, which was built at the Krasnoe Sormovo shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod on order from Vodokhod PLC. As mentioned above, this is the first passenger ship built in the past 60 years in Russia. Also in the company’s fleet, there are motorboats that are set in this direction and most of their departures are from Kazan. One of them is the Alexander Suvorov motorboat.

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