Why Marysol and Adriana should return as full-time housewives

Marysol Patton and Adriana De Moura are the queens of The Real Housewives of Miami and after running Season 4 they are set to return as full-time castmates.

Adriana De Moura and Marysol Patton are classic protagonists of The Real Housewives of Miami, and after scene-stealing performances as friends of the show in Season 4, they deserve to return as full-time cast members. Marysol and her bejeweled goblet had the best one-liners of all in her interviews. Meanwhile, Adriana continued to reign as the life of the party.

In the first years of RHOM, Marysol married Philippe Pautesta-Herder before agreeing to their impending divorce with a cigarette facing the ocean. After their chapter ended, his larger-than-life mother, Elsa Patton, became his life partner and accomplice in all things. RHOM. Adriana was in the middle of the Mojito range at the time, thanks to her larger than life energy. Her story centered around her marriage to Frederic Marq and the dissolution of her friendship with Leah Black. She’s confident, assertive, unabashed, a never-ending flirt, and time hasn’t changed her.


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After Elsa’s death, the rest of the RHOM suggested that Marysol was channeling her. In Season 4, the wise Marysol was gone. She had returned to show off as an alpha Cuban queen, unafraid to stir the pot and establish her authority over newcomers. When she proposed to the ladies to play a game of “who do they trust less, Marysol called Nicole Martin saying: “I know a lot of people who know you, and I know what you said. You called her a prostitute.” As Adriana noted, Marysol “may be the nicest girl,” but if someone crosses her, it’s over. Marysol joked as she sipped her co*kies, her cheeky nickname for cocktails, that the trip was off to a good start. Without Marysol, a vacation ground was nowhere in sight.

As for Adriana, the queen of mojitos hasn’t strayed from the spotlight. Adrian always knows how to steal the show, from stripping in Larsa Pippen’s bathtub and posting it on Instagram, to being proposed by Julia Lemigova and flirting with everyone in sight. At the end of season 4, Adriana clashed with Larsa just as Marysol started the season by taking on Nicole. While having dinner with Larsa and Kiki Barth, Adriana said she accidentally met Kanye West during Art Basel a decade before in the bathroom and got a full frontal view. Larsa declined to carry on the ridiculous conversation out of respect for his friendship with Kanye and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The refusal to discuss it turned into a fight that resulted in Alexia Echevarria’s bachelorette party.

Although they fall under the tag of a friend on the show, Marysol and Adriana were central to every event and storyline in Season 4. Julia’s story revolved around Adriana while Alexia’s revolved around around Marysol. The reboot just wouldn’t have been the same without them. Bravo probably didn’t recast Adriana and Marysol as housewives in order to shake things up and not fall into the stale issues that canceled the show. However, with such a big impact on Season 4 and dying audiences for more of them, The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 would be doing itself a disservice if it didn’t bring Marysol and Adriana back to center stage.

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