Why Cruise Lines Love Visiting Cruise Line Private Islands

After choosing a cruise ship and itinerary and making a reservation, cruise passengers have another important task ahead of them: selecting shore excursions. There are usually several offered at each port of call, and decisions about which to book will often come down to cost. Besides expenses, there are other considerations, such as the length of the tour, its physical challenge, whether a long bus ride is part of the activity, additional costs for food, and the potentially scary scenario of the excursion that will not take place. return to the ship on time.


These and other concerns are among the reasons why a stopover on a cruise line’s private island is music to a cruiser’s ears. Most of the major cruise lines that offer a private island experience either own their islands or rent the land from the host country and customize the island with a wide variety of destinations such as beaches, courses, swimming pools, games, walking paths, dining rooms, restrooms and showers, spa facilities, beach play areas, etc.

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Private island stopover makes every cruiser feel like a VIP

A VIP experience. The simple phrase “private island” can bring a sigh of appreciation to tourists who can’t wait to get away from it all and relax. They see themselves lounging by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and sipping a tropical drink while their cruise ship waits in the distance for their return. Private island beaches can be crowded, but they still offer a different experience than most Caribbean island beaches that are not private.

Easy access. Most cruise lines with private islands can dock their ships, which means there are no tender boats and the sometimes long waits that come with them. Passengers can hop off the boat, step off the dock, and begin exploring the island, which is staffed and ready to welcome them with food, drink, and activities. Cruisers can also return to the ship whenever they want.

Outdoor lunch. Virtually all cruise lines offer a free lunch and drink to guests disembarking on the island. It’s normally a barbecue buffet, with enough tables to accommodate everyone. Some rest areas will usually be shaded, and cruise passengers will know it’s lunchtime once the aroma of barbecue begins to waft onto the beach.

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It’s economical. Cruise passengers can spend the whole day on a private island without spending a penny since lunch is included. Free activities generally available are walking the trails, swimming, exploring the island, and beach games like volleyball. Cruise passengers will pay for alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, banana boat rides, specialty water sports such as parasailing and kayaking, and other activities such as horseback riding. However, choosing one or even two of these activities can often cost less than a traditional excursion.

The safety factor. Since the cruise lines’ private islands are occupied by people employed or contracted by the cruise line, vacationers are unlikely to feel like they are dealing with strangers. They also don’t have to navigate unfamiliar territory, hail taxis, use public transportation, or worry about getting lost in non-touristy areas of an island, which can be confusing to them. those who are less accustomed to traveling to foreign countries.

A special day. For private island visitors who are willing to spend the money on extreme luxury, most cruise lines offer some form of private enclave for rental, such as cabins or villas. In some cases, a butler or waiter is included, taking that VIP feeling to new heights.

Private cruise line islands have their own personality

Each cruise line that has a private island offers amenities that set it apart from the others. Here are three that are worth learning.

Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay is located in the Bahamas. There is a fun castaway theme throughout the island and appearances from various Disney characters. This island offers an optional adult-only beach, as well as waterslides and a “hideout” for teenagers. A 5K walk or run takes place at each stopover and all graduates receive a Disney Castaway Cay 5K medal.

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Royal Caribbean Line’s Coco Cay is located in the Bahamas. In addition to its beaches and swimming pools, the island offers the Thrill water park, with several slides and the largest wave pool in the Caribbean. Splashaway Bay is a smaller water park for kids. Other adventure activities here include ziplining, an obstacle course with swing ropes, and a rock climbing wall. The cruise line also offers the Coco Cay Club, designed for adults, with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, a sit-down restaurant, and private cabana rentals.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Great Stirrup Cay is a Bahamas destination offering three beaches and a host of water activities. Additional excursions include snorkeling and parasailing. The private retreat area of ​​this island is called Silver Cove, where cruise passengers can rent villas. These luxury hideaways offer air conditioning, TVs with on-demand movies, an upscale buffet, and direct beach access.

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