Where did journal readers go when travel reopened and what it looked like



August 27, 2021 4:48 PM ET

After many months of pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions, where did people choose to go when they were able to resume travel? Who did they see? And what was it like to be in the world again?

We asked Journal readers to share their experiences with us. Here is a sample.

Our family of four adapted quite easily to Covid-19, despite 14 months of confinement. Without the social distractions of school, our two teenage daughters thrived with Zoom distance learning, taking a heavy load of middle and high school class. But Covid-19 lasted two “grueling” Minnesota winters. At the end of a winter in Minnesota, the thoughts of every resident linger on the escape from the state.

In May, we joined a scramble out of Minnesota, following a thundering herd of friends in Las Vegas and Zion National Park. We rewarded our daughters for their hard work and impressive marks with their own penthouse type room at the Four Seasons Hotel. Every teenage girl wants to be spoiled. Las Vegas and the Four Seasons have pampered them to their ruin. Like a spring thaw, the scenic drive to Sion dispelled any idea of ​​harsh winter, leaving nothing but joy. It turned into fairy-tale magic as we drove through southern Utah, through winding strata of rust-colored sandstone formations of the eroded Colorado Plateau. The park looked surreal even by Disney / Universal Studio standards. We returned home happy and willing to endure Covid-19 and another Minnesota winter.

Thomas Fix, Stillwater, Minnesota.


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