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There has been a tourism boom in Antarctica in recent years, which has made it easier for humans to venture further south than ever before. (And as we recently reported, many cruise and travel companies are working to ensure the influx doesn’t harm the exceptional environment.) It’s crazy to think there’s a little more than a hundred years old, Ernest Shackleton’s wooden boat was destroyed by sea ice, but today technology has made it possible to take a luxury cruise, a heli-ski trip or an overland expedition to the poles furthest from Earth, and to have wi-fi and central heating all the time. While Shackleton’s 27-man crew was kitted out with little more than long woolen underwear, Burberry cotton gabardine trench coats and reindeer fur boots, the gear needed for the trip also scoured. A long way.

If you’re heading to Antarctica, the company you’ll be traveling with will no doubt send out detailed packing lists before you leave (along with sturdy boots for land landings and often a parka), but there are some nuances to read between the lines. The main key is to pack lightweight, highly functional layers that will protect you from the elements, won’t hamper your movement or overheat you on your hike – and also look great for the deluge of photos you’re bound to take on. this adventure bucket list.

And while you might want to buy some new gear for your trip, it’s not ideal to invest in a bunch of expensive performance apparel that will eventually gather dust in your closet once you get home. After all, any trip to Antarctica, as you will find, is a humble lesson in sustainability. If you’re planning a trip to the White Continent, here are some of the pieces that will get the job done in style and serve you for years to come.

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