Troika Media Group and Umba Daima to Launch Black NFT Art Gallery in Atlanta on September 25



Subsidiary of Troika Media Group (NASDAQ: TRKA), Troika IO, the digital assets arm of Troika Media Group, and Umba Daima, a creative agency whose mission is to help the world embrace black art, will team up to host a non-fungible token-token (NFT) 30-day art exhibition called “crossroads‘September 25, 2021 – October 24, 2021. The exhibit kicks off with a live launch party in Atlanta, Georgia, aimed at local arts and technology communities.

Troika Media Group will sponsor a live launch party in Atlanta, Georgia on September 25, 2021 to launch the first round of NFT experiments for this landmark project. After the launch, the exhibition will be presented for 30 days at The invisible gallery, a digital event space created to host major activation projects. Troika and Umba Daima will host NFT events and experiences in the gallery, such as treasure hunts, auctions, raffles or giveaways, roundtables and workshops. The works on display will not be linked to any artist or group of artists, and the live and virtual exhibition will feature works from 20 to 25 predominantly black artists. The exhibit will exist primarily in digital form, with pop-up events taking place in Atlanta during the exhibit.

“The Crossroads exhibition is a historic project for many reasons”, said Iris Nevins, co-founder of Umba Daima, “It brings visibility, education and exposure to black artists, and it also brings together businesses, brands, designers and collectors in exciting new ways.” The exhibition aims to demystify NFTs while bridging the gap between fine artists, digital artists, musicians, filmmakers and cryptocurrency holders.

“We believe that NFTs will disrupt all sectors” said Kyle Hill, Head of Digital Assets at Troika IO, “Every consumer product will soon have a digital NFT twin, and we are excited to expand Troika’s presence in Atlanta and showcase some of our unique NFT capabilities.”

Troika’s collaboration with Umba Daima highlights Troika’s ability to improve digital products and experiences quickly and cost-effectively using Bitcoin and digital assets. Troika’s expertise in creating bold and immersive brand experiences will amplify Umba Daima’s mission and help generate exposure for talented black and African artists around the world. The digital immersive experience will feature artists from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds in a number of mediums ranging from motion picture cinema to the music industry, as well as digital expressions and performance art scenes. Its objective is to cultivate a link between the art world, businesses and technological communities.

The multimedia digital gallery that hosts the exhibition is designed by Kwame Michael and leverages interactive virtual experiences. The exhibition events will cover a wide range of topics related to Bitcoin, NFTs, technology and other themes chosen by the featured artists. All works of art will be sold through a calendar of 30 consecutive days of auction. To attend or present your work at the event, Click here.

About Umba Daima
Umba Daima (pronounced oomba-die-ma) is a creative agency and digital gallery that curates creative projects between black businesses, athletes, celebrities and visual artists. Notable clients include Morgan Legacy, Netflix and ProShark Sports. Umba Daima has spent the last 6 months specializing in NFTs with their top artist Andre Oshea, selling $ 100,000 in NFT in four months. In March, Umba Daima launched Black NFT Art, a media and community brand helping to integrate, educate and organize black artists in the NFT space. After just 4 months of launch, Black NFT Art has helped black artists around the world generate tens of thousands of NFT sales and build new friendships, new projects and thriving sub-communities in the art world. digital. The company focuses on the global black community and works with American artists as well as artists from countries such as Britain, Ghana, Kenya, Jamaica and Colombia. Umba Daima was founded by Iris Nevins, a software engineering manager at Mailchimp with a passion for building communities through art and fairness. Iris and co-founder Omar Desire created Umba Daima as good as Black NFT Art after realizing how difficult it was for artists around the world to make a decent living from their art.

About Troïka IO
Troika IO is a global media, entertainment and branding advisory platform that provides crypto products and services to global brands using Bitcoin, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets. Troika IO is the digital assets arm of Troika Media Group.

About Troika Media Group
Troika Media Group Inc (NASDAQ: TRKA) is a global marketing services company that harnesses data and technology to provide clients with integrated branding, marketing, media, analytics, and blockchain solutions. The CEO of Troika is Robert Machinist.

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