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Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas is an impressive fleet cruise ship that brings some of the latest and greatest features to passengers on board.

Being a new ship, many guests with booked crossings on Odyssey of the Seas are curious about what there is to do on board, as well as what makes this ship different from others in the fleet.

Each ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet stands out from the rest in at least a few ways, and Odyssey certainly has plenty of new additions and distinctive features.

After going through the frequently asked questions on Google, here are some of the top questions people search the internet for about the Royal Caribbean Sea Odyssey.

Is the Odyssey of the Seas the biggest ship?

Photos: Odyssey of the Seas arrives in Israel |  Royal Caribbean Blog

If you are wondering whether Odyssey of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet or the largest cruise ship in the world, the answer to both questions is “no”.

The Odyssey of the Seas is a Quantum Ultra Class vessel, she is 347.1m long and 41.1m wide and has a registered gross tonnage of 169,300t. While by no means a small ship, it is still smaller than any of the Oasis Class ships.

Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas aerial photos |  Royal Caribbean Blog

The largest cruise ship in the world is the Symphony of the Seas (soon to be eclipsed by Wonder of the Seas).

Symphony of the Seas measures 228,081 gross tons and measures 1,188 feet 1 inch (362.12 m).

What is a Quantum Ultra class ship?

Odyssey of the Seas to begin sea trials on March 14 |  Royal Caribbean Blog

When you read about Odyssey of the Seas you might hear that this is a Quantum Ultra Class ship and wonder what makes it different from Quantum Class ships.

In practice, the difference between a Quantum ship and a Quantum Ultra Class is less noticeable than the difference between other classes of ships. Think of it more as a subclass of the Quantum class, rather than a completely different categorization of the Royal Caribbean ship.

Odyssey has the same basic layout and signature activities as a Quantum Class ship, such as the North Star, SeaPlex, Ripcord by iFly, a Royal Esplanade and more.

Royal Caribbean Adds New Odyssey of the Seas Cruises Departing England & Spain in 2021 |  Royal Caribbean Blog

The real difference is when you look at the layout and additions Royal Caribbean has made compared to its older siblings. Odyssey got a bit of a rework, with a unified main dining area, a SeaPlex that includes a Playmakers sports bar, and a new resort-style pool deck.

Other changes you’ll find on a Quantum Ultra Class ship include a SkyPad, indoor pool is now outdoor, Teppanyaki restaurant, and a slightly larger size.

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Does Sea Odyssey have Central Park?

5 things to love about Central Park on Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class cruise ships |  Royal Caribbean Blog

No, the Central Park area is only found on Royal Caribbean Oasis Class ships.

How many pools are there on the Odyssey of the Seas?

First Look at Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas |  Royal Caribbean Blog

There are two main pools on Odyssey of the Seas and an adult-only Solarium pool.

The main pools have a resort-style theme with lounge chairs in the pool. Something different is that there are hot tubs on the upper pool deck with a see-through side.

There is a smaller version of Splashaway Bay for the kids to enjoy. While it’s not a pool, there are buckets, a kids’ slide, geysers, and plenty of ways to cool off.

Does the Odyssey of the Seas have a laser beacon?

Top 25 Free Activities You Can Do On Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class Cruise Ships  Royal Caribbean Blog

No, the laser tag is not offered on Odyssey of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean offers laser beacons on ships equipped with a Studio B ice rink, so the space can easily be converted to a laser beacon if needed.

Does Odyssey of the Seas have a bionic bar?

99 Days of Harmony: Bionic Bar |  Royal Caribbean Blog

Yes, there are robot bartenders on Odyssey of the Seas that can serve you drinks.

The Bionic Bar is located on Deck 5 next to the Shore Excursion Desk.

Anyone can order a drink from the Bionic Bar, as it can prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Everything you need to know about the Bionic Bar on Harmony of the Seas by Royal Caribbean |  Royal Caribbean Blog

Simply go to one of the tablets nearby and place an order. You have the choice of choosing from predefined drink recipes or creating your own concoctions.

After submitting your drink order, the robots assemble and serve the drink in the order they are entered.

Does Odyssey of the Seas have an escape room?

Royal Caribbean Now Offers Brilliance of the Seas Escape Game |  Royal Caribbean Blog

While there is no dedicated escape room on Odyssey of the Seas, they still offer an escape game that you can play.

Known as the “A Royal Mystery” puzzle challenge, this is a game developed by the same company that creates the escape rooms for Royal Caribbean on other ships.

Held in Two70, this is a free-to-play escape game where teams attempt to solve a series of puzzles based on clues hidden around the room to help solve a murder case.

Brilliance of the Seas Live Blog - Day 4 - Day of the Seas |  Royal Caribbean Blog

Guests who participate have some time to comb through the details provided, as well as any clues and puzzles they will uncover until they can solve the case.

Check the Cruise Compass to find out when A Royal Mystery will be available.

Where is the Odyssey of the Seas right now?

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Odyssey of the Seas offers round-trip cruises from Port Everglades to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the winter of 2021-2022. You have a choice of 6- and 8-night crossings while the ship departs from Florida.

In the summer of 2022, Odyssey will be offering Mediterranean cruises departing from Rome, starting in May 2022.

What restaurants are free on Odyssey of the Seas?

Sea Odyssey Restaurants |  Royal Caribbean Blog

Royal Caribbean has a number of restaurants that will cost you nothing extra on board.

  • Main dining room
  • Windjammer Cafe
  • The Café @ Two70
  • Coastal cuisine (suite guests only)
  • from Sorrento
  • El Loco Fresh
  • Promenade Cafe
  • Bistro-solarium
  • Sprinkled Ice Cream Station

Additionally, there are specialty restaurants that you can dine at at this additional cost, but which offer cuisines and / or styles of cooking that are not otherwise available on board.

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Does the Odyssey of the Seas have a waterslide?

Odyssey of the Seas Live Blog - Day 1 - Embarkation |  Royal Caribbean Blog

Splashaway Bay has a waterslide for kids, but Odyssey of the Seas lacks the Perfect Storm waterslides found on other ships for guests of all ages.

Located on Deck 14, there are two slides for kids at Splashaway Bay, a small traditional slide and a tube slide.


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