Theory Audio Design Unveils Next Generation Powered Speaker Controllers: CEDIA 2022

A premium commercial and residential audio brand, Theory Audio Design offers 3 new powered speaker controllers to drive its extensive line of CI speakers. Paul Hales showed off the DLC-1000.4, DLC-1500.4 and DLC-250.4 at CEDIA 2022 and the prices are surprisingly lower than expected.


The DLC-1000.4 and 1500.4 are full-size rackmount units with high power output and flexible configuration options for large-scale setups. The DLC-250.4 has almost all the features of the 1000.4 and 1500.4 but has a more compact 1/2 rack design with less power output. The DLC-250.4 is an option for smaller installations.

Theoretical Audio Design 250.4

Each model offers 4 channels of intelligent power, a full DSP matrix and is controlled by TCP/IP via a wired connection or directly via its integrated Wi-Fi access point.

In addition to custom home theater setups, DLC models offer great system configuration flexibility for hotels, houses of worship, educational institutions, and corporate environments where there are multiple rooms of varying sizes.

DLC speaker controllers provide high quality amplification and superior speech intelligibility in large spaces.

S/PDIF master/slave functionality allows multiple DLCs to be used to cover all of these needs, and each loudspeaker controller takes up only two rack spaces.

For home theater and surround sound systems, DLCs are ideal for powering large screen speakers and subwoofers with up to 250 watts (DLC-250.4), 1000 watts (DLC-1000.4) and 1500 watts (DLC -1500.4) per channel in 4 , 8 and 16 ohms or 70 V/100 V hi-z systems.

Audio Design Theory 1500.4 Angle
Theoretical Audio Design 1500.4


Product Description:

  • 4 channel amplified distribution loudspeaker controller
  • IP control
  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot
  • power sharing
  • Lo-Z and Hi-Z operation (70V/100V)


The exits

  • 4 loudspeaker outputs
  • 1 S/PDIF digital audio output
  • 1 trigger +12 VDC

Audio operation: 48kHz/24bit

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On-board DSP: 48kHz/32bit

DSP characteristics

  • Speaker processing for all Theory models
  • Input Trim
  • Signal routing
  • Gain
  • Delay
  • Polarity
  • Limiter

Response frequency: 20Hz-20kHz, +/-0.25dB

output power (DLC-250.4):

  • 250W per channel at 4, 8, 16 ohms and 70V/100V
  • 125W per channel @ 4, 8, 16 ohms all channels driven
  • 125 W per channel at 70 V/100 V all channels driven

Output power (DLC-1000.4):

  • 1000W per channel at 4, 8, 16 ohms and 70V/100V
  • 500W per channel @ 4, 8, 16 ohms all channels driven
  • 500W per channel at 70V/100V all channels driven

Output power (DLC-1500.4)

  • 1500W per channel at 4, 8, 16 ohms and 70V/100V
  • 800 W per channel @ 4, 8, 16 ohms all channels driven
  • 800W per channel at 70V/100V all channels driven

voltage gain: variable

Input Sensitivity: variable

Signal to noise ratio: >106dB

Distortion (1kHz, 1dB below max output):

Power Specifications

  • Standby:
  • 1/8 Power, All Channels Driven: 70W (250.4), 315W (1000.4), 470 Watts (1500.4)
  • Idle noise (A-Wt): -78dBV
  • AC operation: 100V-240VAC, 50-60Hz

Dimensions (HWD)

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  • DLC-250.4: 1.75 x 8.7 x 11.7 inches
  • DLC-1004.4/1500.4: 3.5 x 19 x 12.6


  • DLC250.4: 6.2 lbs.
  • DLC-1004.4/1500.4: 16.5 lbs.

Accessories (DLC-1000.4 and 1500.4)

Accessories (DLC-250.4 only)

  • One or two unit rack mount kit
  • Surface Mount Kit
Audio Design Theory 1000.4 Angle
Theoretical Audio Design 1000.4

Availability and prices

  • The DLC-1000.4 is available to order now for $3,500/each (US MSRP)
  • The DLC-1500.4 will begin shipping in December for $4,250/each (US MSRP).
  • The DLC-250.4 (Coming soon).

Theory Audio Design products can be purchased and installed through authorized US and international representatives.

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