The most popular screams of 2021


2021 — what a fun and entertaining year. Oh wait, I was thinking of 1021, when Senekerim-Hovhannes Artsruni, the king of Vaspurakan (Greater Armenia), just ceded his kingdom to the Byzantine Empire and became governor of Cappadocia! This was a good time. The last twelve months, not so much. But, thankfully, the Daily Shouts and Shouts & Murmurs stores are oblivious to supply chain issues and are never naked.

2021 in review

New York writers reflect on the ups and downs of the year.

Sure, it’s not Cappadocia, but we enjoyed the jokes about the British Royal Family, Moms, Cats, Dating, Bill and Melinda, Dating Bill and Melinda and, of course, the casseroles in melting. There were, in fact, so many great 2021 Shouts that when it came time to anoint my favorites, I put my hands up and outsourced the task. Here are your most read humorous articles of the year, or maybe these writers just clicked on their own articles. a lot. (We’re all looking at you, John Kenney.)

Rubik’s Cube (Hasbro)

You finish it. Now what?

Congratulations, you have a slightly more attractive cube.

After the events of Sunday evening, I would like to address some topics that emerged from the interview with American journalist Harpo Winfrey. I take my job as a sovereign seriously. But I am also a mother and a grandmother. And so it would be impossible for me not to express my deep concern for these chickens. Chickens are also human beings, but not in the biological sense of the term.

There are crackles. It’s completely normal, it’s just the noise of the building trying to stand. We would be much more worried if the building didn’t make annoying noises!

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Whether the trio and the team end up being friends or foes, fans can no doubt expect some classic brunch scenes, featuring Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and three to five people standing awkwardly in a semi-circle. around them holding sound equipment, all chatting. about their sexual misadventures.

Canada has been pretty strict on who can enter the country since the start of the pandemic, and rightly so. They even kicked the Toronto Raptors out and made them play at home in America, like a struggling teenager they sent to boarding school. But, once that is all over, six years from now there will be free poutine fountains at the border. Prime Minister Drake will make sure of that.

Ultimately, there aren’t many people who can appreciate my funny jokes (like, how iPhones are better androids) or my tattoos. I have some tattoos which are quotes from Pablo Neruda on love. My favorite says “In a kiss you will know what I said.” But it had been a long time since no one had seen my ass and had been able to appreciate it.

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