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Havila capella, the first of four new hybrid ferries ordered by Havila Kystruten, was handed over to its Norwegian owner by Tersan Shipbuilding in Turkey. The second ship, Havila Beaver is also nearing completion.

The new constructions are part of Havila’s contract with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport for the Bergen-Kirkenes coastal road. With a length of 125 m and a width of 20 m, the ships will be able to accommodate 700 passengers.

The ships have a gas-electric hybrid propulsion system with battery, where four Bergen petrol engines in each ship operate the generators. The system is also suitable for the next generation of technology, using hydrogen fuel cells. Corvus Energy supplied the energy storage systems with a capacity of 6,100 kWh, double the capacity of all existing battery operated ferries.

The ship will now leave Turkey and is expected to enter service on December 1.

Havila Voyages CEO Bent Martini said it was a day of joy. “We are among those who have been waiting for this for a long time, and now the first ship is finally in our hands and we will start preparing for the departure to Norway.”

Mehmet GazioÄŸlu, General Manager of Tersan is also pleased that the first vessel can now leave the dockyard. “Coastal cruise ships for Havila Voyages are a special mission for us. We have faced various challenges, including the Corona Pandemic, which caused delays, but we have learned a lot from the first ship and we look forward to more efficient construction of the next ones. And today we look forward to seeing the good result and the beautiful ship that Havila capella became.”

To make the final preparation more efficient, site workers and sub-contractors will be involved in parts and the entire journey to Bergen. In addition, Havila Voyages has its own employees who are starting to prepare the vessel for traffic along the Norwegian coast. When the ship arrives in Bergen, even more people will be on board to familiarize themselves and prepare for the first navigation.

Havila capella is a large hotel with 179 cabins, several restaurants and large common areas that will be prepared in a very short time in addition to the crew and hotel employees to familiarize themselves with the ship, systems and others. But we have already made a good start and we are confident it will go well, ”said Martini.

Even before the vessel is put into service, the coast and nature will benefit from Havila Voyages’ environmentally friendly vessels. The ship remains docked in Bergen for a few weeks. Then the ship is powered by the onboard batteries and clean hydroelectricity. “It does not produce any emissions and no smoke settles on the city center of Bergen. And this is just the beginning of the history of Havila Voyages with eco-friendly trips along the coast where we, with the world’s largest battery on board, can go noise and emissions-free up to four hours, ”concluded Martini.


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