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Instead: Anantara Resort on Banana Island, Doha, Qatar

Yes, the Maldives is something of a Windows 95 screensaver. And while we agree that romance is as important here as the underwater wildlife, your loved one might think you are fishy and guess the surprise. of the proposal. “Tropical places like the Maldives and Hawaii lend themselves to the expectation of potential engagement,” says Singer. She thinks the element of surprise is almost more important than the plan itself.

Instead of a candlelight dinner that might be tacky in the Maldives, opt for an exclusive stay at Anantara Resort on Banana Island, just outside of Doha, the capital of Qatar, where your loved one probably has no idea what’s going to happen (literally). This leafy hideaway, just a 30-minute boat ride from the metropolis, surprises even the most discerning travelers, mainly because many people associate Qatar with skyscrapers, oil, and camels. In reality, it’s all about natural diversity.

The best part? The resort offers overwater villas with a striking resemblance to the Maldives. So while your love marvels at the unique island banana shape, get down on your knees and so! Then spend time reveling in your love at the resort’s on-site spa, pulling out the jet skis for an epic adventure, or even booking a couples spa or steam room for an after-proposition soak.

INSIDER ADVICEBanana Island adheres to the local culture and is a dry seaside resort, so know that you’ll be celebrating with mocktails, not champagne.


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