The best movies currently streaming on Disney Plus

Clockwise from top right: Cool Runnings (Photo: Disney); The Muppet Movie (Screenshot: Disney+); The Last Jedi (screen capture: YouTube); The Rocketeer (Screenshot: Disney+); Awakened Sleeping Beauty (Still: Disney); Return to Oz (Screenshot: Disney+); Wall-E (Always: Disney)
Chart: The audiovisual club

The era of Hollywood streaming has brought with it many growing pains, from corporate mergers to the demise of IP to consumers subscribing to enough platforms to wonder why they cut cable. Yet while this chapter of movie history is still being written, Disney+ is a real achievement. As our roundup of their best movies available illustrates, House of Mouse’s backlog of movies is uniquely geared to lure both nostalgic parents and their impressionable kids to the platform. In addition to Pixar, wonderpuppets and star wars to please the crowd, Disney+ is a treasure trove of family, animated, and live-action gems from 20th Century Fox, Disney Channel, and more.

The audiovisual club is here to guide you to those hidden gems as well as hits you probably already know and love. For each avengersthere is also a Rocket. all four toy story movies are available, but don’t forget the underrated animations like The Emperor’s New Routine Where Mars needs moms. And thank goodness for classics like Cool races, terrible fridayand Who Framed Roger Rabbit! We’ve rounded up the Disney+ movies currently available, reviewed, or otherwise rented on The audiovisual club over the years, which are most likely to make you smile.

This list was last updated on August 6, 2022.

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