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Which kayak shoes are the best?

Kayaking is a wonderful outdoor activity that can be physically invigorating or mentally soothing. This can be done in isolation on a quiet morning or in tandem with others for a social outing.

Regardless of the atmosphere and the location, you need the right pair of shoes to help you feel comfortable and secure.

Kayak shoes are designed to provide traction and support for your feet, but also breathability and comfort, especially when wet. Our top pick, Mishansha Water Shoes, ticks all of those boxes, but there are still a lot of factors to weigh. Keep reading our guide to learn more about how to choose the right pair of kayak shoes for your needs.

What to know before buying kayak shoes


A comfortable and secure fit is of the utmost importance. Like any other shoe, you want kayak shoes that fit well but not too tight, and each manufacturer is likely to have their own size chart. If possible, try on the shoes before purchasing. Keep in mind that you will not be wearing socks with the shoes, which may slightly affect their fit.


Kayak shoes must withstand not only water, but also rough terrain that can be traversed near rivers and lakes. They should be prepared to protect you from rocks, stones, sticks, and other obstacles you might encounter in the water and along the shore. Thicker soles provide this protection, although some may want to look for additional protection on the upper part of the shoe, especially near the ankles.


For those who kayak or sail for hours, shoes should be comfortable and breathable. Because you will not be wearing socks, the inside of the shoes should be comfortable and not cause chafing.

Drying time

Kayak shoes are designed to dry relatively quickly, although this time may vary from model to model. Those with ventilation holes or slight gaps are likely to dry out a bit faster, and drying time can be speeded up by leaving them in the sun to air them out.


Shoes that offer more durability and protection, especially around the soles, may be heavier. This could be a problem if you wear the shoes for a long time as the weight will tire you over time. Lighter shoes can feel easier over time, although they likely lack the extra protection.

What to look for in quality kayak shoes


Like all other shoes, kayak shoes can be designed for both functionality and fashion. They are made in a range of colors and styles, so you can take the time to find a pair that matches your look and personality.


Some kayak shoes may include a removable sockliner for extra support. Insoles can help shoes dry faster and provide additional support. However, they can also be annoying for some users as they can slide out too easily and be difficult to put back on, especially when wet.

Laces and suspenders

Some kayak shoes may have laces or straps for added security, which can also make it easier to put on and take off. However, the laces and straps are likely to add weight to the shoe. Make sure that the laces and straps are never loose or hanging down, as they can get caught easily and be dangerous.

What you can expect to spend on kayak shoes

Most quality kayak shoes cost around $ 20 to $ 30, providing a balance of comfort and durability in different colors and styles.

Kayak shoe faqs

How do I best maintain my kayak shoes?

A. After use, immediately rinse your shoes with clean water to remove any sand, dirt or debris. Lukewarm water and mild soap can also help reduce stubborn odors or stains. Some kayak shoes can also be machine washed.

What is the preferred material for kayak shoes?

A. Neoprene, a synthetic rubber commonly found in wetsuits, is an ideal blend of comfort and support. The upper parts of the shoe can also be polyester or spandex and should be breathable and smooth to prevent irritation.

What are the best kayak shoes to buy?

High kayak shoes

Mishansha water shoes

Our opinion : Balanced water shoes for men and women with long lasting support and comfortable breathability.

What we like: Made in different colors and styles. Flexible but robust. Drainage holes help dry quickly. Easy to put on and take off.

What we don’t like: Some concerns about the grip of slippery surfaces.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

High kayak shoes for money

Barerun Barefoot Quick Dry Water Sports Shoes

Barerun Barefoot Quick Dry Water Sports Shoes

Our opinion : Stylish, economical kayak shoes with impressive grip.

What we like: Made of soft and lightweight polyester. Dries quickly; breathe well. Options for color and designs.

What we don’t like: Lack of long term durability. Removable insoles can be boring.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To be checked

Simari water shoes

Simari water shoes

Our opinion : Popular kayak shoes that provide additional safety and comfort on longer excursions.

What we like: Includes a locking mechanism for a tight and secure fit. The rubber soles are textured for better grip; ventilation holes allow quick drying.

What we don’t like: The soles come out easily.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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