Star Ocean: The Divine Force announced for PS4 and PS5 next year – State of play October 2021


In a startling announcement during today’s inventory, Tri-Ace and Square Enix released the big space guns with an announcement of the upcoming Star Ocean series entry, titled Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

The Divine Force seeks to follow in the footsteps of integrity and infidelity as an action RPG and appears to feature two heroes: a blond man and a white-haired woman, among other members of the group. While the trailer was light on information, we got a lot more detail in a PlayStation blog post who revealed our heroes as Raymond and Laeticia, a space captain and a crown princess who come together on a quest to save the kingdom of Laeticia and reunite with Raymond’s teammate, Chloe.

The “double hero” system returns to the series, which will put players in the place of Raymond and Laeticia, with different elements of the story unfolding from each of their points of view and the choices made in each having an impact on the unfolding of the story.

Star Ocean: Divine Force Trailer Screenshots

We got a glimpse of some combat and exploration in natural environments as well as a huge city, and also saw the main cast move around their cool big spaceship. The PlayStation blog indicates that The Divine Force will feature “one of the largest fields in the series” through which players can travel in three dimensions by air.

We’re sure we’ll see more of The Divine Force soon enough, as it’s currently slated for release on PS4 and PS5 in 2022. We’ve historically enjoyed the Star Ocean games, especially Till the End of Time and The Last Hope, but the Most recent entry, Integrity and Infidelity from 2016, we found this to be a simply usable RPG with uneven production values ​​and poor AI.

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