Should you choose the beach or the mountains?

For New Yorkers looking to slip away for a long weekend this summer, the two most common considerations are warming their toes in the Hamptons sand or strapping on a pair of hiking boots and getting head towards the Berkshires. Whether to visit the Hamptons or travel to the Berkshires can be a conundrum, as both are relatively the same distance (three hours by road or train), but the two are two completely different experiences with very different excursions available. . Thinking of getting away and trying to decide between the two? Here are the details for each destination to help you make that fateful summer decision.

Avoid the beach, head to the Berkshires

Located in the mountains of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, the Berkshires have quickly become a destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of New York or Boston. Known for its wide array of outdoor activities, arts and culture, and excellent dining experiences, the Berkshires offer plenty of activities for a transformative weekend getaway. This is especially true for adventurers who love the great outdoors, as there are plenty of natural trails for hiking and biking in the area.

Head to Great Barrington for hiking adventures

Outdoor enthusiasts should pack a bottle of water and some trail mix in their backpack before hiking in Great Barrington, an area known for its wildlife, stunning views and eclectic wildflowers during the summer months. summer.

For a relatively easy in and out trail, try the Flag Rock Trail. Although it is 3.49 miles long, it only has an elevation gain of 200 meters, which allows hikers to enjoy nature without exerting too much effort. For visitors looking to challenge themselves more and see some of the famous Appalachian Trail, the Monterey Trail in Sheffield is 7.19 miles point-to-point with an elevation gain of 1,365 feet. Nature lovers will have plenty to occupy themselves with, from high-altitude views to leafy, shady hikes. After a day spent hiking in the Great Barrington, rest and respite are in order.

The Berkshires offer rustic elegance like nowhere else

Berkshires have long celebrated locally grown, seasonal foods and there are plenty of farm-to-table options for the whole family. After hiking in the Great Barrington area, enjoy fine dining at Cafe Adam, a local restaurant that offers an eclectic menu and a relaxed atmosphere. For rustic elegance, be sure to try The Old Mill in South Egremont, a local favorite that will require advance reservations. For pleasant outdoor views and suites in a converted barn, Gedney Farm is a popular choice that offers upscale dining.

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Expect. It’s summer. Head to the Hamptons!

For those who prefer to grab their sandals and spend a day in the sand, there is nowhere New Yorkers would rather be than the Hamptons, located on Long Island, New York. Known for its iconic mansions and famous residents, it offers plenty of beaches to relax on all day and a wide range of dining options to grab a drink and relax all night.

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Hiking or sunbathing? The Beach for Victory

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect summer day than simply rolling out a beach towel, catching some rays and cooling off in the water. The Hamptons may be considered an enclave of wealth, but it offers visitors of all budgets plenty of historic beaches to enjoy.

Once voted one of the best beaches in America, Coopers Beach in Southampton offers soft white sand and a wide stretch of beach that never gets as crowded as the rest of the Hamptons beaches. With its own live stream, you can check the view yourself before planning a trip. Beachgoers can get there by taking the Long Island Rail Road for a two-and-a-half-hour trip from Penn Station to the Southampton stop, then a short cab ride to the beach. For those looking to explore away from the beach, be sure to visit the Parrish Art Museum, which “focuses largely on the work of artists from the South Shore and North Shore Artist Colony” .

Relax under the stars

Of course, no day at the beach would be complete without seafood and drinks, and the Hamptons has plenty to offer when it comes to breezy beach dining or classic, elegant fare. The Lobster Roll has two locations, one in Southampton and the other in Amagansett, and this popular restaurant has seen business thrive even during the pandemic. And for a beachfront location and a must-see vibe, head to Navy Beach in Montauk, a casual restaurant on the water with a classic vibe and exceptional food.

Whether travelers opt for rustic charm in the Berkshires or breezy beach cheer in the Hamptons, there’s something for everyone to do for a memorable getaway this summer.

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