Shadowcat, Tillberg & Triton Launch Activity Support Vessel

The unveiling took place at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami last week.


The 50 meter Shadowlark Pro has a beam of 14 meters and a draft of two meters. It can accommodate larger submarines, such as the Triton Deep Viewa modular tourist submarine which offers additional capacities of 12 to 66 guests – or several submersibles – and up to 10 crew members.

Its size also provides three-deck storage for dedicated reception and post-dive lounges, storage for large transport tenders and dive boats, dive and jet ski centers, water toy storage and Moreover.

For scuba diving, helicopter tours or boat trips

Shadowcat Founder Robert Smith said, “For commercial operators interested in adding revenue-generating activities for customers – such as scuba dives, helicopter tours or boat rides – the Shadowcat support ships are the most convenient, efficient and safest way to do this.”

Reclaim spaces

“Working together, we realized the opportunity for a fully independent support platform that could dramatically increase customer experience, throughput, security, and revenue, while dramatically reducing impact, building and the operational challenges of transporting assets related to the activity on board the cruise ship itself,” explained Daniel Nerhagen, Partner, Tillberg Design of Sweden.

“Relocating assets, such as helicopters or Zodiaks to a Shadowlark Pro, reclaims space and eliminates the need for a certified helipad aboard the mothership and enables independent operations.

“This could significantly reduce expenses, both initial capital and integration, for multi-vessel assets, salaries and maintenance over the life of the operation. The advantages of this solution are easily apparent.


Triton already has experience in the expedition cruise industry, as company CEO Bruce Jones pointed out, “While our eight-passenger Triton 660/9 AVA is causing a stir in the expedition cruise industry, he expedition, the request for a larger capacity submersible relative to the available space on board the cruise ship has been a conflict that cannot be resolved.

“The natural solution is to remove the submersible from the mothership.

“The Triton DeepView is the ideal solution to improve guest numbers and revenue for cruise passengers. Together with TDoS and SHADOWCAT, we have created a concept that offers many other additional benefits.

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