Sea lion invasion disrupts junior sports games in Dunedin



Junior footballers from Grants Braes and Dunedin Technical wait patiently for a special guest to step on the sidelines. Photo / Bradley Scott

You expect a weird heist these days. Maybe the oranges aren’t quite ready at halftime.

Maybe you have to stop to refuel on the way to the game.

Or little Johnny forgot his boots again.

And, of course, there is always a chance that a sea lion will find its way over the dunes of Ocean Grove and set up camp on the football field.

Wait what?

Yeah. This is exactly what happened.

Former Otago cricketer Bradley Scott took a photo as evidence of the pitch invading by an unregistered player.

The sea lion disrupted several junior games on Saturday morning until it could be sidelined.

No small child was offered as bait, but rather a branch was used to coax the beast out of the holy turf.

Apparently, the sea lion is part of a new wave of footballers who prefer to balance the ball on their noses rather than kicking it towards goal.

The surprise substitution brought out the best of the reunited dads, who all immediately turned into comedians.

“It’s a little hard to find lines of a sea lion,” Scott said.

“Another father said there were a lot of spectators there. “


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