Say goodbye to social distance seating! KRL Commuterline eases restrictions

Provided they are lucky enough to find a vacant seat, KRL Commuterline passengers can now sit side-by-side as Jakarta’s main rail transport system eased restrictions on board amid loosening curbs in the capital.

In accordance with Ministry of Transport Circular No. 25/2022 updating restrictions on domestic rail transport, effective today, the following new rules are in effect on KRL Commuterline trains:

  • A KRL Commuterline train can now be filled to 60% capacity, down from 45% previously
  • Seats are no longer locked, erasing the old social distancing mandate for seated passengers
  • Standing passengers are required to position themselves in the marked standing area
  • Children aged five and under can now board the KRL Commuterline under parental supervision, erasing a previous ban

In accordance with current rules, all passengers must have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and check in at KRL Commuterline facilities using the health and mobility tracking application PeduliLindungi. Passengers are also required to wear masks and refrain from speaking or phoning each other for the duration of their trip.

The KRL commuter line in Jakarta operates from 4am to 10pm daily.

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