ROL Cruise ‘Raise the Anchors’ Survey Finds Travelers Eager to Return to International Cruising

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Following a survey of over 1,400 customers, ROL Cruise, the UK’s leading independent cruise retailer, found a real appetite to return to cruise vacations with 43% having already made bookings that will be leaving in the next 12 months.

With 82% of them having taken three or more cruises in the past five years, these cruise enthusiasts have missed many aspects of cruising amid the pandemic. Almost half (46%) suggest that they mostly missed the overall ‘onboard experience’, including all-inclusive food, entertainment and leisure facilities, while almost a third (30 , 5%) failed to discover new destinations offered by cruising.

Just over one in ten (11%) 65+ said they greatly missed the social aspects of cruising, including making new friends and acquaintances, compared to just 3.8% 25-64 year olds.

Intrigued as to whether travelers intend to book something ‘different’ when they return from a cruise for the first time, 42% said they would look to make changes to previous cruises they have taken.

Of the 614 people, 27% said they would book a longer cruise duration, 26.2% suggested they would choose their preferred ship or cruise line, while a quarter (25.7% ) confirmed that they were booking a “once a year” dream. a lifetime cruise they planned during the closures.

Just over a fifth (21%) also suggested that they would book a cruise line or ship that they always wanted to try, or that they would go for an enhanced experience, such as a cabin improved compared to the previous cruise. vacation they took.

Looking by age group, more than half (55%) of people aged 45 to 54 said they would book something ‘different’ when they returned to the cruise, with the majority suggesting that they would book a dream cruise they sought amid the pandemic.

The research then went deeper into which destinations top the sightseeing list, and the Mediterranean, in addition to the UK and Europe, was almost tied in terms of votes received (51.6% vs. 50, 8% respectively). Next come the Caribbean (42.4%), North America (26.8%), Asia / Far East (23.09%), Australia and New Zealand (21.79% ) and South America / Amazonia (21.58%).

When it comes to booking a cruise vacation, almost a third (32.3%) said the most important factor was the destination, followed by the cruise line or ship (21.6% ). The reservation protection and / or cancellation policy is then cited in third place by 16.9% of passengers.

Finally, ROL Cruise asked if passengers could choose a “benefit” when booking a cruise, what their preference would be. Of the 1,460 who answered the question, 23.8% opted for “free onboard tips”, with special discounted offers mentioned by just under a third (19.45%).

Jennie Bond, host, presenter and ambassador for ROL Cruise’s Cruise Miles loyalty program, said: “I have enjoyed cruises for many years and have missed the choice to travel very much for the past eighteen months.

“I miss discovering new places, meeting new people and taking advantage of the fantastic onboard facilities, activities and the possibility of getting off to explore when arriving at a new port. I’m already planning a few cruises in the coming months and can’t wait to get back on the water.

Sarah Wikevand, Managing Director of ROL Cruise, said: “There is a definite thirst to return to cruising with many of our clients already booked to travel in the coming year. They clearly missed out on traveling to new places around the world, while still enjoying the many benefits that cruising brings – from all-inclusive meals to entertainment, excursions and more.

“What’s great to see is that many are also looking to try something new when returning from the cruise, with plenty of planning for dream cruise experiences to make up for lost time, as well as to choose their cruise line. and their ship of choice. ”

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