Riviera launches flexible river cruises “Cruise & Explore”



Riviera Travel has launched “Cruise & Explore” river cruises on three new European itineraries.

Cruise & Explore cruises provide a more flexible experience for passengers joining a cruise and while in port.

Riviera guests had previously booked a package that included sailing, trains or flights with transfers and pre-arranged tours and tours, as well as full board during the cruise.

Customers booking on the new routes:

  • Travel to and from a cruise via their own pre-arranged flights and transfers. This allows them to stay longer in the pre- and post-navigation destinations of their choice, and to choose their preferred mode of transport and departure point.
  • Pre-book your own excursions, through an approved third party or through your own research, in advance. This means that guests will establish their own independent tour program rather than traveling with pre-arranged guides and tours of the Riviera.
  • Stay aboard their ship with half board. You can then have a la carte lunch or dinner on board, as you make your way to shore to enjoy the local hospitality. Riviera arranges for ships to stay longer in port, in particular by mooring overnight at certain destinations, in order to allow later dinner on shore.

The move comes in response to comments that customers are looking for a more suitable approach to their river cruise. Cruise & Explore is designed to appeal to the next generation of cruise passengers, who have told Riviera they want more flexibility in the way they travel.

Fares for the six Cruise & Explore itineraries will be based on half board, cruise only, with customers booking their flights, transfers and excursions. Prices start from £ 799 per person.

Options are available on new eight-day Danube, Rhone and Rhine routes next year. Two departures will take place on each route, one in late March and one in early November.

Katja Hildebrandt, River and Ocean Cruise Product Manager at Riviera Travel, said: “We are really excited to offer Cruise & Explore cruises next year. It is essential that we continue to adapt to customer feedback. These itineraries therefore mark a real change in the river cruising experience, including ultimate flexibility for all who travel with us. Customers are now encouraged to plan more of their cruise based on their personal preferences, knowing that we are available to assist you as needed.

“We are confident that Cruise & Explore will prove to be a popular choice for people looking for a more flexible approach to their vacation, while still wanting to travel in the luxury and comfort of a river cruise ship. This is the first time that such an option has been available to passengers on river cruises; we are eager to see what the trade response will be.

The new itineraries include an eight-day stay in Budapest, Vienna and other Danube vacations, departing March 25 and November 4 from Passau, Germany.

There is also an eight-day Cologne to Amsterdam itinerary on the Rhine, departing from Cologne, Germany on March 25 and November 8, 2022.

The third route is a Lyon in the south of France sailing on the Rhône, departing on March 28 and November 7, 2022.


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