Return of Royal Caribbean’s All Access Tour

For Royal Caribbean guests, the popular All Access Tour is back. Several guests reported last week that the tours are available to book in the cruise planner, while others have already had the chance to join tours on board.

The behind the scenes tour, as it is also known, gives guests the chance to explore what it takes to operate a huge cruise ship with thousands of guests and crew members.

Royal Caribbean’s All Access Tour is back

If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship, you’ve wondered how it’s possible to feed so many people on board and how the crew seem to do it so easily.

And with thousands of pounds of laundry to wash every day and a ship that needs to be taken from A to B, logistics is definitely something worth learning about.

Fortunately for guests aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the All Access Tour is back. The tour disappeared during the pandemic to protect guests and crew per cruise line protocols.

With measures becoming less intrusive on board and protocols easing, Royal Caribbean has decided to bring back the popular tour, with customers now able to make reservations.

During the All Access Tour, guests go behind the scenes of these “Crew-Only” areas. From the main crew hallway known as I-95, guests will be able to peek into these areas as they follow their guide, including the main dining area, galley, provisions, control engines, the laundry room and the bridge.

Royal Caribbean All Access Tour (Photo credit: shorex.koss / Shutterstock)

Highlights include the Main Dining Room and Main Galley, where guests can learn more about how the crew prepares thousands of meals daily with incredible precision.

One area that few people ever see is the refueling area, where all necessary food, drink and everything else is loaded on board and distributed around the ship.

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For those with an engineering background, perhaps the most spectacular areas are the engine control room, where everything is controlled from air conditioning to propulsion, and, at the captain’s discretion, the bridge, where guests can watch the officers steer the ship.

Crew only sign
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The tour can be booked in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner, or onboard, at the Shore Excursions and Guest Relations desk.

With the popularity of the tour, advance reservations are recommended. When purchased in advance, the cost of the All Access Tour on Royal Caribbean ships is generally less expensive, although prices vary by ship.

What about other cruise lines?

As Royal Caribbean brings back all-access tours, the question arises as to what other cruise lines are doing. Carnival Cruise Line’s “Behind the Fun Ultimate Tour” is not yet available.

Carnival states on the website: “Given our goal of returning to service and executing our health and safety protocols, we will not be able to offer this tour until further notice. Our goal is to ensure we can continue to deliver this value. and this exceptional experience that we have always provided.”

Cruise ship I-95
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As with Royal Caribbean, this tour is limited to a few passengers who register early. It takes the selection group in crew areas and other restricted areas of the vesselincluding galley, backstage theatre, laundry services, engine room and deck.

When Carnival will bring back the Behind the Fun tour is therefore uncertain. As for Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises, the two cruise lines do not provide any information if or when tours are available again.

As cruise lines continue to evolve their onboard health and safety requirements, we can be sure that more and more will start offering behind-the-scenes tours again. And if they do, we highly recommend you take the opportunity, as it will provide a great preview of all the fun you’ll have on board.

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