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A group of local organizations had the opportunity to take a tour of the city on the Red Wing Trolley. Chamber of Commerce photo.

The Red Wing Trolley is back.

The trolley has been spotted around the city at special events like the West End Autumn Festival and other excursions.

After a few years off, the cart is now back and ready to go.

The cart was acquired by the Red Wing Credit Union and has been out of service for a few years.

Aaron DeJong and the Red Wing Credit Union Board of Directors got involved and worked to find someone in the community who could take over the project while keeping it at Red Wing.

“The Red Wing Credit Union decided to purchase the cart a few years ago and they had approached a few different qualified candidates,” said Red Wing Trolley owner Jim Ross.

“Some of the candidates wanted to get the cart out of town and Red Wing Credit Union through Aaron and the board were very determined to keep it here in town. Eventually the road led me to have a conversation with them about it,” he continued.

Red Wing Cart

Paige Anderson, Shari Chorney and Michelle Larson aboard the Red Wing Trolley. Melissa Thorud/Republican Eagle.

Ross took on the project and has worked with the credit union for two years. The cart is officially handed over to Ross and is ready for reservations.

“Two years ago this month we decided that we really needed to go through the cart and get it up and running and create a good business plan and that’s what we did,” said he declared.

The trolley is available for various events. Currently, Red Wing Trolley books events such as weddings, corporate events and shore excursions.

“We are focused on renting it for weddings in various capacities and then for corporate events where companies might rent it for a few hours and take it on historic city tours or things like that,” said Ross.

Red Wing Chariot

Local organizations spoke of opportunities for the Red Wing Trolley. Melissa Thorud/Republican Eagle.

They hope to work closely with local organizations such as the Red Wing Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Main Street, Red Wing Arts and many more to provide the cart at local events.

“It will be used in the Holiday Drive this year. and we hope to work with the Chamber to have it in River City Days next year and more local events for sure,” Ross said.

They hope to work with some cruise lines and riverboats for shore excursions on tours.

“We want to work with some cruise lines for shore excursions and bring tourists to various historical sites and tours, even if they have their buses, we think we could give them a different experience,” Ross said.

Bringing the cart back was a big effort in part by many local organizations. Many people were involved in creating a vision for the Red Wing Trolley to stay in the community and provide a unique experience.

“Without the hard work of the Red Wing Credit Union and their hard work to keep the cart here, we probably wouldn’t be here today and that goes for other local organizations like the chamber, the Port Authority, the city of Red Wing, Red Wing Wing Arts and others,” Ross said.

Red Wing Chariot

The Red Wing Trolley is operational again for local events. Melissa Thorud/Republican Eagle.

Red Wing Trolley provides advertising opportunities for local businesses. Director and driver Paul Burnham will work with the companies to design unique advertisements that blend into the surroundings of the historic tram.

“As for the exterior of the cart, these would be larger advertisements, we wanted to maintain the integrity of the cart, so we would use colors that are in the cart and fonts that would work with the environment,” Burnham said.

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