Princess Cruises’ OceanMedallion is the master of contactless cruising



The Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on health, safety and well-being in the cruise industry like never before. A Cruise Lines International Association 2021 Report shows that $ 77 billion has been lost in global activity. Despite this, new health and safety protocols, which support physical distancing and contactless operations, must be designed, delivered, and successful.

When I experienced the contactless capabilities of OceanMedallion technology on Princess enchanted several months before the Covid-19 crisis shut down the global cruise industry, I could not have imagined that this technology would lay the groundwork for unprecedented critical health protocols in addition to improving the vacation experience for passengers on board.

No more clever innovations just to make life on board more pleasant, in the shadow of Covid-19, “contactless” and “contactless” operations are an important part of cruise safety, and Ocean Medallion technology allows passengers to manage their safety and social interactions. to a whole new level.

MedallionClass goes fleet wide

Before the pandemic, the MedallionClass experience was only available on six of Princess Cruises‘ ships and some of its main features were in its oldest form. However, during the shutdown, it was deployed to the entire fleet.

“Princess was able to work behind the scenes to revamp all of our operations to enable the Princess MedallionClass experience on the remaining fleet,” said Tony Roberts, Vice President UK and Europe at Princess Cruises. “When we return to service, all of our vessels will be equipped with a number of new features that leverage contactless technologies and dramatically improve the customer experience, as well as new health protocols.”

Unmatched contactless capabilities

Before the lockdown, the portable 10p coin-sized locket was 99.7% used by passengers, meaning almost any guest can benefit from the technology. Each medallion contains two microscopic antennas, one for near-field communication and one for Bluetooth Low Energy, which interact with the ship’s readers and sensors.

The service is fast, responsive and accurate thanks to the new infrastructure taking into account edge computing, which reduces the latency due to the proximity of the data rather than in the cloud.

The OceanMedallion system – working in conjunction with the MedallionClass app, public portals and cabin televisions – provides a range of innovative friction reduction services, many of which are unique in the industry.

This same technology has created a powerful foundation for building a contactless, contactless system that enables Princess Cruises to meet the safety standards of the Covid-19 era and aims to go above and beyond customer expectations by health and safety.

“The fact that the same technology that we were already using on our MedallionClass ships before the pandemic is now further exploited to protect our guests and our crew is certainly a remarkable feature,” said Roberts.

“MedallionClass technology allows us to combine expert public health advice with the unmatched contactless capabilities of the OceanMedallion, honoring our commitment to health and safety, while continuing to reinvent and simplify the overall experience. client. “

Smarter and safer decision making on board

In addition to improving the customer experience, the OceanMedallion has been designed to eliminate friction points on board. OceanReady speeds up boarding and reduces queues with windows allocated to passengers for check-in.

Roberts says that JourneyView for advance route planning was developed extensively during the shutdown. This feature provides customers with a personalized itinerary before they travel, so customers can get the most out of their trip, minimizing the time required at information desks and with staff.

A remarkable aspect that addresses the social and health concerns of passengers is that the medallion allows guests to see the number of attendees expected at a place or event. The data is displayed in real time and means passengers can make smarter decisions about where to spend their time. It also gives Princess Cruises a better understanding of where the friction points are on board, when they occur and why.

The Dine My Way feature further personalizes the dining experience for guests. Reservations can be made in advance and changed, and other diners can be added to the reservation at any time, but – and this is another thoughtful addition – guests can also request a dining location in a place. From the proximity of the entrance or at the edge of the ocean, it is now possible to specify in advance, as well as to choose the pace of catering. This way, if the passengers need a quick bite to eat, perhaps to put on an evening show on time, it can be arranged in advance.

Instead of gathering in public areas to talk to a crew member, guests can use the handheld device through their Stateroom TV or the MedallionClass app to call the crew to wherever they are. This CrewCall service can be accessed by pressing “assistance” from OceanNow.

If the requested information can be communicated via a message, passengers can use the CrewCall Chat service through which any question or request can be sent. It is important to note that this service is not initially served by a chatbot, each message goes directly through a live crew member.

Frictionless Shopping with OceanNow: Anything From Anywhere

Shops, cafes and restaurants – culprits of friction points aboard cruise ships – will see reduced on-board congestion thanks to OceanNow. This innovative feature has been designed to reduce friction and provide passengers with an optimal and unique experience on board.

OceanNow allows passengers to order a wide range of products – from food and drink to poolside goggles or extra hangers in the cabin – from any location on the ship and delivered by a member of crew. The OceanMedallion even ensures that you don’t have to touch your doorknob (the door opens when you approach) and the technology lets staff know when you’re in the cabin. MedallionPay means that contactless payment can be made without handing over a card. Crew members confirm the identity of guests by matching photo and location.

On a cruise ship, there are usually traffic jams not only at check-in, but also in the hours leading up to departure when guests are invited to assemble at their assembly station. As part of the Ocean Medallion experience, Princess Cruises introduced a new method to avoid these crowded sessions.

Guests now watch guest safety video on their device or their cabin TV and can check in at any time at the muster station – their presence can be recorded by pressing the OceanMedallion on the member’s machine crew.

Return to service with a MedallionClass fleet

After an unprecedented 18 months, the enhanced MedallionClass experience will be available from July 25 aboard the Majestic Princess in Alaska, followed by Regal Princess and Sky Princess in the UK, with Summer Seacations, from July 31 on Regal Princess. Then, five other ships will be put back into service to take guests to the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Mexico, Hawaii and the California coast. By November 28, eight MedallionClass ships will return to service.

As Princess Cruises looks forward to returning to service, Roberts confirms that it has been one of the most difficult times in the history of the company: “The health and safety of guests, crew and crew. communities we visit have always been our number one priority, and by supporting and caring for our guests and crew, Princess is fortunate to have many loyal cruisers who choose to sail with us over and over again.

“It was their unwavering support and commitment that brought us through one of the most difficult years we have all had to face.”


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