Popular activity returns to Royal Caribbean ships

A popular adults-only activity may be set to return fleet-wide on Royal Caribbean International cruises.

According to guest reports, The Quest is slowly starting to appear again on select ships and crossings, and while there hasn’t been an official announcement, the sometimes risky treasure hunt is once again appearing on activity schedules.

The Royal Caribbean quest is back!

The Quest, an adults-only scavenger hunt with a variety of quirky and often puzzle-like “quests” for participants to complete, is starting to reappear on Royal Caribbean ships.

Guests on recent cruises have reported the game aboard various ships, including The shine of the seas, Enchantment of the seas, sailor of the seasand greatness of the seas.

The cruise line’s largest ship and the largest cruise ship in the world, wonder of the seasalso reintroduced The Quest, with the first event reported during the ship’s recent transatlantic crossing that brought the ship from Europe to her new homeport, Port Canaveral.

Why the quest was interrupted

The popular activity has not been seen on board Royal Caribbean ships since the industry-wide shutdown, and it has not returned once cruising resumes.

Because The Quest requires guests to be close to each other – depending on the challenges, possibly sharing clothes, clasping hands or having other physical contact – it was considered an unnecessary risk to health precautions in the event of a pandemic, when social distancing was essential and group gatherings were discouraged.

Deck of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship (Photo credit: Solarisys / Shutterstock)

The activity is also a popular event with spectators, and the reserved places usually fill up with interested guests who are not quite ready to join in the sometimes crazy and energetic tasks.

Because most health and safety protocols have now been relaxed and cruise ships are once again sailing at full capacity, now is the time to bring The Quest back.

What is the quest?

The game, which is sometimes listed as Crazy Quest, is restricted to adults 18 and older and has a reputation for being more than a little wild and even steamy, depending on crowd reaction and participation levels.

It usually takes place in one of the larger lounges or activity spaces on the ship, such as Studio B, depending on the space available on ships of different classes. Often held later in the evening, the game usually lasts around an hour.

The game host will divide the living room audience into several teams, and each team is given a number. A pair of team captains, usually a male and a female, will be in charge of coordinating quests in their section.

Each task defines a specific goal for teams to accomplish, ranging from something as simple as producing basic items – a driver’s license, specific tattoos or fake teeth, for example – to more complicated goals, like getting a group of people to do a silly dance together.

Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas
Photo credit: Melissa Mayntz

While some loyal Royal Caribbean customers familiar with the event may try to prepare with extra items in their pockets, the tasks change and the game can be very unpredictable.

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The final tasks are often the riskiest and culminate in… well, what happens in The Quest stays in The Quest. As teams complete the task, the host will announce which team finished first and a base score is kept. The leaders of the winning team usually receive a symbolic prize.

To play or not to play

Much like adult-only or R-rated comedy shows, The Quest isn’t for everyone. Guests who are more reserved or likely to be easily offended may want to consider choosing other entertainment, but adventurous guests will love the interactive challenges and high energy of the event.

Guests who prefer to observe without having to participate should sit farther away from the open space, such as the dance floor or the stage, where most of the action will take place.

Those who want to lead a team should position themselves near the front row and be as loud and energetic as possible to get the host’s attention. Even if they are not chosen to lead a team, assistants who help mobilize the crowd for each task are always welcome.

As with any onboard activity, whether or not The Quest is part of an Individual Sailing is at the discretion of the Cruise Director.

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