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By Andy Malt | Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2021


Continuing the single’s seemingly endless promo cycle, Cold game and BTS released the video of ‘My Universe’.

Having recently announced his sixteenth album, ‘Ocean To Ocean’, Tori Amos just released his first single, ‘Talking with the trees’. “We’ve all had times that can blow us away,” she says. “This record goes with you wherever you are, especially if you are in a place of loss. I am fascinated when someone has gone through a tragedy, and how they grieve ”.

As you wanted, Bizkit box released their first new track since 2014, “Papa Vibes”. The group said last month that new songs would be coming “one after the other very quickly” before the release of a new album.

Kali Uchis has teamed up with SZA for a new single “Fue Mejor”. “It’s Latin R&B, it’s SZA singing in Spanish for the very first time, it’s a scary season, now is the time,” said Uchis.

CL is back with ‘Lover like me’, the second single from her upcoming album ‘Alpha’. This album, by the way, was released on October 22.

Bodega SegaThe second album of ‘Romeo’ is scheduled for release on November 12th. So that’s good. Here is the new single ‘Angel On My Shoulder’.

Wet leg released their highly anticipated second single and [huge sigh of relief] It’s good. Very well. Thank the gentle Lord. I think it’s gonna be alright, guys. I think it will be okay. This is ‘Wet Dream’.

Ready to release their first album next month, La Luz released a new single ‘Oh, blue’. They will also perform at La Scala in London on April 28.

Qrion has published ’11 -11 ′, the second single from her upcoming album ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’.

Guillaume Doyle will release the new EP ‘Alternate Lands’ on November 26th. Here is the new single ‘The Unanswered Why’.

Falle Nioke and Ghost culture released their last track together, ‘Ayekouma’. “I wrote this song to express my feelings about fate,” says Nioke. “That in this life not everyone will love you. Some will, some won’t, but we shouldn’t care because we are all here to live our lives. We have a destiny that no man can change. We all have to follow our different paths because we all have a purpose ”. Nioke will be touring the UK in November and December.

Defenses is back with a new single ‘Fall into yourself’. The song, she explains, “began by being heavily influenced by the sound of an orchestra tuning in. It ended up turning it into a really raw and honest love song with the lyrics about going through tough times in a relationship and being confused and pulled in different directions, but after every tough phase you go through you go through learn more about love and how to love and your love for the other person continually deepens and becomes more real ”.

Uokaye released a new single “Panda dreams” featuring Sei.



Helmet will be in UK and Ireland next year. For a visit, not just a vacation. They will eventually meet at the Garage in London on May 21.

Murcof will headline EartH in London on March 3 – his first UK solo show in ten years.

Rolo tomassi have announced that they will be touring the UK in February next year, ending up at the Oval Space in London on February 24. tuning, ”the group says. “These dates are the biggest headlines we’ve done and we’ve got a lot planned to make sure it’s the best show we’ve ever put on. Really delighted to welcome Pupil Slicer as a special guest as well ”. Did I mention that Pupil Slicer will be special guests? Well, now I have.



Nominations for this year UK Music Video Awards are out. Take a look here. The ceremony will take place at the Roundhouse in London on November 4.

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