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Norwegian Dawn was greeted by a group of protesters when it called in Key West, Fla. On December 9.

The protesters are part of the Safer and Cleaner Ships (SCS) movement, which aims to honor the wishes of the people of Key West who voted to limit people disembarking from cruise ships to 1,500 people per day.

63.34% of voters indicated this wish in the city’s 2020 election, which also held a referendum on three issues related to the cruise industry that day.

This was then essentially overturned by a Florida Senate transportation bill which declared that “any initiative of a local vote or a referendum cannot restrict maritime commerce”.

“Large cruise ships like the Norwegian Dawn are just too big for our shallow channel and harbor. Every time one of these ships arrives, it drags the seabed and leaves a plume of silt that runs from the reef to the port, ”said Arlo Haskell, SCS Treasurer.

“We have a lot of active boaters in Key West and everyone here knows that it goes way beyond the limits of responsible boating. This is illegal propeller dredging and violates water quality standards set under the United States Clean Water Act and Florida law. Someone has to step in and do something to stop these illegal acts. Until then, the protests will continue. “

The 2,200-passenger Norwegian Dawn offers a 12-night Caribbean itinerary to / from Tampa.

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