North Shore Scenic Railroad Resumes Volunteer Training

DULUTH, Minnesota – After registering record ridership in 2021, the North Shore Scenic Railroad hopes to see this trend continue into 2022.

They need volunteers to help them organize their various excursions, and they are offering free training starting next month for those interested. Unlike in previous years, there will be no more waiting for new trainees to embark when the season begins in May.

“At the moment, because of the last two years, I haven’t trained anyone again, you know, you’ve got some attrition, some people are leaving the area, something like that,” said executive director Ken Buehler. “We have so many openings right now that once you’ve taken this training you’re guaranteed to be on the trains this summer. “

Buehler adds that the training volunteers will receive is similar to that received by those who wish to work on any railway line. “At the end of this training, the graduates will be full-fledged railway drivers. Which means they can work on the North Shore Scenic Railroad, or they can go on Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, and Santa Fe; it’s the same kind of training that professional railway workers receive and that we train our volunteers. You are fully qualified at the end of this course to become a conductor or a firefighter.

Those interested will need to attend all six courses in February and March to meet federal standards. It will also include on-site training both in a controlled environment and on the various outings of the 2022 season.

More details on volunteer training can be found here.

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