More visitors coming to the island

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But the traffic has not yet reached pre-pandemic levels

Statistics show more people are coming to Catalina Island, but traffic has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, according to figures recently released by Love Catalina Island.

“The total number of arrivals since the start of the year was up from last year to 545,569 from 315,249 or a difference of 230,320 visitors,” according to Love Catalina Island.

“All arrival sectors are up to date since the start of the year with the exception of the cruise [ships]According to Love Catalina Island.

No cruise ship data was available for August 2021, as the first cruise ship visit of 2021 was earlier this week.

August traffic

Catalina’s August 2021 visitor traffic was 33.3% higher than August 2020, according to Love Catalina Island. “August continued to show significant signs of recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, albeit at a slower pace than June or July,” according to the Love Catalina website.

Love Catalina Island (formerly the Chamber of Commerce) is also known as the Catalina Island Tourism Authority. As such, it tracks visitor activity and income.

“The August 2021 total of 105,214 is lower than the August 2019 arrivals total of 136,781,” according to the association’s website.

“Passengers arriving by sea, including private boaters, totaled 101,209 for the month of August, up 26,194 from last year,” according to Love Catalina.

“The number of private boaters has declined slightly year over year to 10,220,” according to the website.

“2019 saw the highest passenger volume for the month at 10,612,” according to the website.

“The combined number of inbound air passengers for the month of August was 4,069, up from 4,035 in 2020,” according to Love Catalina.

“August people on planes accounted for 1.75% of total monthly arrivals,” according to the website.

“The number of people on charter helicopters has increased year over year to 2,166 from 1,483,” according to the website.

More visitors coming to the island

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