MNWB initiates implementation of MLC2006 seafarer welfare activities worldwide

Dr. N. Reuben Paul, Chairman of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India), gave a lecture on seafarers’ welfare. Advisory Board Members of MNWB and PWC Maharashtra attended the conference on 16th November 2022 at the Taj Club Room, 6th Floor Taj Santacruz Hotel, Mumbai, India along with the dignitaries and international delegates in the presence of Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia – Henry ( President WMU, IMO), Dr Godwin Ibah (Regional Director SWO UK) Dr Ilona Denisenko (Chair WITSA, Russia), Ms Elpi Petraki, Greece (Chair WITSA International) Ms Kathryn Neilson (Director Maritime Skills MNTB, UK -United ).

Dr. N. Reuben Paul, Chairman of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India), welcomed members and international dignitaries to the meeting and invited Captain Tushar Pradhan, General Secretary of the ITF Affiliated Maritime Union of India, to chair this special meeting. Members representing various port welfare committees from Tamandu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and all other ports discussed the current welfare facilities available to seafarers in ports of India and the establishment and development in other remaining ports of India. Dr. B. Antony, Vice President of the Tamil Nādu PWC, presented a detailed report on seafarers’ welfare activities at the ports of Chennai, Tuticorin and Ennore. He added that shore leave is a big challenge for seafarers visiting all Indian ports. Captain Mohan Naik, Chairman of the Mission to Seafarers Mumbai Committee and Director of Dynacom Tankers Pvt Ltd, told the attendees about the history of the MTS Seafarers Wellness Center at JNPT that he was approached by the Mission to Seafarers London to open a wellness center at JNPT a few years ago. He then took the initiative and signed a tripartite agreement with Flamingo and JNPT, the center was created. A few years later the port authorities started the extensions of the railways inside the port as the donated building was taken by the port authorities for the port developments and allocated a new building to operate it as a well center – to be sailors. The building is currently being renovated and will soon be ready for full operation. Rev. Mission to Seafarers Nitin Port Chaplain explained the good work of Mission to Seafarers in various Indian ports and the presence of Flying Angel Clubs all over the world. Dr. N. Reuben Paul, Chairman of MNWB and Chairman of Sea Mission Organization prepared the detailed report on the current Seafarers Welfare Services being performed in various ports by Port Welfare Committees in Indian Ports . He also presented to all members a detailed report on the social services of the maritime mission in the ports of Visakhapatnam, Kakinada and Gangavaram in Andhra Pradesh. Dr. B. Antony gave a PPT presentation on the good work of the MNWB in Indian ports and how it has helped seafarers in times of distress, abandonment and accidents at sea. His presentation also included the current charitable activities and past activities during the covid pandemic in India by MNWB. Special guest members and international delegates applauded the good work of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board in Indian ports.

Dr. Babu Mailan, President of ISWOT, added that some ports apply commercial rates for the management of seafarers’ reception centers inside the port by seafarers’ protection organisations. He also requested all port authorities to reconsider the PPP deal and provide the venue to establish the welfare centers for seafarers visiting Indian ports with nominal rent to seafarers welfare organizations like this is done in the ports of Kandla and Visakhapatnam. on signed agreements for the collection of nominal fees.

Dr Vidya, Chairman of the Dr Leobarnes Foundation, said their trust, founded by his father, the late Dr Leobarnes, renders many charitable services to the seafaring community, in particular providing financial assistance to the children of seafarers. sea ​​for their higher education. Any seafarers who need financial assistance for their children’s education can also contact the MNWB helpline team, she said. Captain Deulkar Ex. Chief Ports Officer of Maharashtra and Gujarat states said seafarers visiting minor ports and private terminals face difficulties so MNWB member organizations should cover all minor ports in India. Mr. Manoj Yadav, Secretary General of FSUI, added that seafarer welfare visitors should extend their visits to smaller ports in India. Sea Mission operates a wellness center at the private port of Kakinada and the sea mission staff provide excellent services to major fleet vessels and crew of offshore vessels and the same type of services are to be initiated in all minor ports, he added.

Dr. Ilona Denisenko, President of WITSA Russia, added that the importance of seafarers’ mental health and the importance of women seafarers in the maritime industry should be taken into consideration during maritime wellness services. Ms Kathryn Neilson, Director of Maritime Skills, MNTB, UK, said the importance of maritime training and skills should be considered in green shipping. Dr Godwin Ibah, SWO Regional Director, UK, added that spiritual and mental seafarer counseling is very important for seafarers who face stress from work pressure and hectic travel, Ms. Elpi Petraki, International President of WISTA, Greece added that the role of women seafarers in the shipping industry is growing and the social welfare organization should pay more attention to women seafarers in all ports of the world. Mr. Manoj Yadav, General Secretary of the ITF-affiliated FSUI, said that the MNWB and its member organizations are already working to promote the welfare of seafarers in all Indian ports. Our Indian seafarers are facing problems in many foreign ports and trade unions are receiving many complaints every day from seafarers in various ports around the world and trade unions are also very busy helping seafarers in foreign ports. He added that the painful situation faced by the crews of MT HEROIC IDUN should be highlighted for immediate action in the maritime industry, so there is a need for global coordination to promote people’s well-being. sea ​​in foreign ports.

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of UMM, OMI, also known as the mother of MLC 2006, added that MLC 2006 has been rectified by many countries, but the implementation of MLC 4.4 is still in progress. waiting because of these many casualties and accidents that still occur in many countries. ports around the world and on board ships. The role of seafarer welfare organizations is very important in raising awareness in ports around the world, which requires welfare agencies to see the welfare work to be done in all countries in accordance with MLC 4.4 , she added. Members felt that the spirit of networking and coordination on these issues should be given higher priority among seafarers’ protection organizations in India and globally. Therefore, global coordination among seafarers’ welfare organizations is much needed for the improvement of seafarers’ welfare and to protect the rights of seafarers when in distress in ports. strangers. Finally, the Chairman, participants, special guests and international delegates expressed their joy for the good work of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India) and its member organizations. Captain Mohan Naik, Chairman of Mumbai MTS Committee and Director of Dynacom Tankers Pvt Ltd, expressed his thanks to the members, international delegates and Dr. N. Reuben Paul, Chairman of Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India) for organizing Of the reunion.
Source: Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India)

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