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Comscentre, CustomTec, Correct Solutions and Mach Technology Group have come together to form a new player in the market called Orro Group.

The Sydney-based group, specializing in cloud, managed, network and security services, is backed by private equity firms Liverpool Partners and Parc Capital. The combined group claims offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Philippines.

Orro is led by CEO Rodd Cunico, with COO Daniel Greengarten; chief financial officer Fabian Kuehn; and Marketing Director Stuart Myerscough.

Cunico spent nearly two decades at Dimension Data where he worked his way up the ranks, eventually leading the global systems integrator until 2016. Since then, Cunico has held various leadership roles at companies such as Alata Group and D2 & Associates.

Greengarten spent seven years at Dimension Data and also worked for Bluefire.

As a combined entity, Orro Group boasts more than 300 employees and 400 customers, including brands such as Australia Post, Fujifilm Business Innovation, Bing Lee, QBE and a new addition, The Salvation Army.

Following the merger, Comscentre CEO Ben Shipley leaves the company, along with Paul Pettigrew of Mach Technology Group; while Damian Higgins of CustomTec joins the board of directors as a non-executive director; and Ryan Spillane of Correct Solutions remains on board as Director of Transformation and Integration.

All commercial brands will eventually switch to the Orro brand in the near future.

The group comprises three divisions that make up the activity, labeled Network and Services; Cloud and managed services; and Security.

Cunico said it took two years to reach Orro’s launch point, as the different companies were bought out at different stages. The idea for Orro arose out of an opportunity in the cloud and mid-market networking space, a cornerstone of the market that has gained significant traction.

“Looking at the Australian market, the middle market is very fragmented with many different organizations, and among all the major national and international players such as Data # 3, Datacom, NTT and Telecom, there is not a lot of companies that are approaching the scale in the middle market, ”he said.

“Private equity firms saw the opportunity to be very strategic in terms of acquiring capacity, bringing in experienced leadership and bringing together to create a platform that will truly develop and refine an important strategy. that resonates with customers, ”he added. .

Cunico said Comscentre, CustomTec, Correct Solutions and Mach Technology Group are aligned with their company values ​​and strategies – taking care of their customers and employees, and hinted that the group will continue to grow its business through organic growth and acquisition strategies. But its immediate objective remains to continue to bring together the four organizations.

“We’re always looking for organizations that match the profile we’re looking for in terms of value and go-to-market, but I’m really focused on continuing to build the most respected IT services organization,” a- he said mentioned.

“Orro is uniquely positioned to provide a new generation of secure network and digital infrastructure solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each customer. With operations in fast-growing technology areas, strong partnerships and more than 400 customers who share our vision, our technologies deliver increased efficiency, performance, agility and resilience.

“The Orro network creates new opportunities for our customers, as well as our partners and employees. Under this new model, we will be able to continue to expand the market while continuing to deliver the trust and credibility we have built over the years with our existing customers. “

As part of its Networks and Services division, Orro will design, supply, secure and manage enterprise SD-WAN and MPLS networks, which currently support more than 400 customers spanning 10,000 sites across the country.

The group is expected to maintain an agnostic approach in provisioning the national broadband network (NBN), carrier fiber, satellite, wireless and 4G / 5G services. Some of the key features will include active carrier monitoring and selection; simplified management thanks to performance monitoring; and billing and support delivered through a one-stop, proprietary enterprise network management platform.

Within its Managed Cloud and Services division, the group offers several hosted and cloud solutions, including the creation and management of solutions hosted in third-party data centers, and the delivery of public cloud solutions through hyperscale cloud providers. .

Orro has a nationwide data center and disaster recovery infrastructure, help desk service services in Australia and the Philippines, and proprietary SmartOptions proactive monitoring and maintenance solutions.

Orro’s Security division offers integrated network, cloud, data center and device security solutions, as well as consulting services specializing in protecting digital infrastructure.

Orro’s latest project with the Salvation Army involves a transformation of MPLS into a Cisco Meraki SD-WAN platform, switching refresh, network connectivity and managed services at over 350 sites.

The new national network will link Salvation Army offices, support facilities and data centers nationwide. Orro will also be responsible for managing the network, with the agreement spanning three years.

Financial details of the mass merger were not disclosed.

Orro is not the first group in Australia to emerge following private funders seeing an opportunity to bring together a number of partners to create a new entity designed to fill a gap in the local market.

CyberCX cybersecurity supergroup, for example, was born when private equity firm BGH Capital came up with the idea of ​​bringing together twelve of Australia’s leading independent cybersecurity brands – Alcorn, Assurance, Asterisk, CQR, Diamond, Enosys, Klein & Co., Phriendly Phishing, Sense of Security, Shearwater, TSS and YellIT.

The company has acquired more players since then.

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