Meet Sir Jack’s, the online store specializing in rare vintage barware – Robb Report

In the extremely specific world of high-end men’s accessories and vintage barware, few sellers are as impressive or mysterious as Mr Jack. The online-only company, founded in 2012 and based in Boston, keeps the identity of its founders anonymous and provides little information about its operators.

Whatever they are, they taste great. In addition to being an authorized retailer of brands including Olivier Peoples and Persolhe stocks his own house brand encompassing the alligator belt strapsSterling silver badger brushesox horn whiskey glasses and other rakish goods.

But perhaps the real treasure lies in the hundreds of unique antiques it contains, ranging from a rare first edition of The book of Savoyard cocktails silver plated champagne buckets used on ocean liners from the 1920s to the WWI era shaker shaped like an artillery shell. According to a business leader who identified himself as Oswaldo Cavidini, the diverse inventory is unified by its “classic, timeless sophistication.”

“We strive to offer a unique luxury shopping destination, whether you are looking for a rare Art Deco poster, alligator wallet or tube of toothpaste,” He continued.

Asked about the name of the company, Cavidini says: “The designation ‘Monsieur’ is not a self-imposed retribution, but rather a function of the items we sell. For example, if someone sees a gentleman walking down the street and he is well dressed with a suit and tie, he is more likely to say “Excuse me sir” rather than “Move him sir!” » The image makes the man and we are here to help you.

Cavidini adds that the company, which is privately held, continues to grow and counts celebrities, movie studios and members of royal families among its clientele. He’s also accepting large special orders, citing the example of a recently wrapped film production that bought 200 gifts for its cast and crew.

Fortunately, belonging to the SAG or the royal line is not a prerequisite for attending Sir Jack’s. If you’d like to become a customer yourself, we’ve asked Cavidini to highlight some of their favorite pieces below.

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