Matt Damon has come a long way since landing his first acting role



Matt Damon might be famous today, but even he had to start somewhere. Before Still water A high-ranked star in the Hollywood food chain, he has had numerous supporting roles, most involving one-liners.

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The Bourne the star’s first speaking role was in the classic comedy film Mystical Pizza. Damon has come a long way since he landed his first acting role in the film.

Damon got the role in ‘Mystic Pizza’ vs Ben Affleck because of his age

Ben Affleck and Damon have one of the healthiest friendships in the entertainment industry. They also worked together on a few projects. However, when the two started acting, they had to fight for a role in Mystical Pizza, but only Damon landed the role.

The actor revealed in an interview in 2019 that he and Affleck both auditioned for the role, but he got it because he’s two years older than the latter. The actor said the role was due to chance of a legal loophole as he was 17 while Affleck was 15. The loophole indicated that Damon could only work through the night if he was supervised.

Damon appeared in the film alongside his future Eleven from the ocean co-starring Julia Roberts. The former played Steamer while Roberts played Steamer’s brother’s Portuguese girlfriend, Daisy. Charles the brother shocked everyone by bringing his poor Portuguese girlfriend to dinner at a party involving lobster mishaps and unmentioned “green stuff”.

Damon said that even though he only had one line on the show, he had to show up for three nights to shoot the table scene. The almost nonexistent role, however, kept Damon interested in acting and show business.

Damon found success with ‘Good Will Hunting’

Damon attended Harvard University while Affleck attended the University of Vermont. According to MTV, the duo started to write a script for Goodwill hunting who found his way to the screen in the late 90s. Damon played the main character while Affleck played his onscreen best friend. The film essentially catapulted Damon and Affleck to stardom after their Oscar win for Best Original Screenplay.

The duo initially sold the screenplay to Castle Rock Productions, but the company demanded Affleck and Damon shoot the film closer to save money. They then had a month to find a producer. After looking for one, they finally chose Harvey Weinstein with three days to spare.

The couple went with Weinstein because he took his time reading the script for the film and even noticed a scorching little detail the best friends had slipped into the script as a tip. Weinstein bought it for $ 1 million and agreed to shoot in Boston, which allowed Damon and Affleck to make their Boston accents.

Damon has had important roles since “Good Will Hunting”

Damon’s luck started to change after playing in Goodwill hunting. He started to receive more job offers and his star continued to rise. In 1997, Damon appeared in The rainmaker and caught the eye of Steven Spielberg, who later cast him in Save Private Ryan the next year.

In 1999, Damon landed a role in The talented Mr. Ripley, playing the titular anti-hero. The same year, he partnered again with Affleck in Dogma but coupled with commercial failures such as The Legend of Bagger Vance and All pretty horses.

In 2001, Damon became a member of the successful group Oceans trilogy and Bourne franchise. In Oceans Eleven, he played the role of Linus Caldwell, a role originally intended for Mark Wahlberg, who turned it down. He has since appeared in Syrian next to Oceans co-starring George Clooney, The Good Shepherd, The Informer, Contagion, Elysée, and Ford V Ferrari.

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