Massachusetts man charged after assaulting train conductor who asked him to put on his mask



Massachusetts Police said a man who allegedly assaulted a train conductor after being ordered to “put on a mask” has been arrested and charged.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Transportation Police Charged Daniel Libby, 40 years old, with assault and violence against a public official.

According to the press release, the conductor told officers he had asked Libby to put on his face mask to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and comply with transportation rules.

The conductor said “Libby responded with multiple profanity and refused to put on a mask,” the statement read. “It was then alleged that Libby pushed the victim and used her shoulder to force her way into the train.”

According to the MBTA website, “Face coverings are required on board vehicles, at stations and facilities, at platforms and bus stops, and anywhere in the MBTA system for all passengers, including including those who have been fully vaccinated ”.

The statement also said Libby “refused to cooperate” when police told her to get off the train and give them her name after telling her the victim wanted to file an assault complaint.

Adding that “Libby refused to cooperate with the officers and would not comply with any request.”


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