Maine viewers wake up with fewer Youtube TV channels

If you’re a regular viewer, it’s pretty hard to argue that Youtube TV isn’t one of the coolest inventions of the past decades. If you are unfamiliar, the service (provided by the right folks at Google / Youtube) allows you to stream live TV.

One of the big advantages over cable or satellite is the fact that you can watch on multiple devices in multiple locations. For example, kids can watch cartoons on the large living room TV, mom can sit next to them on the sofa while she watches something different on a tablet, and dad can watch the news on her. working laptop while he is taking a break in the office.

Subscribers to the service not only in Maine but across the country woke up to shocking news this morning (December 18). Due to a breakdown in negotiations, Disney properties are no longer available on the service. Unfortunately, this also includes our local ABC affiliates like WMTW.

The email sent to subscribers reads, in part:

We have been in good faith negotiations with Disney for several months. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to come to a fair deal before the existing deal expired. As of December 17, 2021, late afternoon Eastern Time, not all Disney-owned channels, including ESPN and your local ABC station, are available on YouTube TV. Members will not be able to watch live or local Disney content and will also lose access to all previous recordings in those channels’ library, including 4K content available as part of the 4K Plus add-on.

The only bright side is that, for now at least, the price of the service has dropped by about $ 15 per month.

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