LR approval in principle for historic Norwegian hydrogen ferry project

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has granted Approval in Principle (AiP) to Norwegian shipowner Torghatten Nord for two hydrogen-powered vessels operating on Norway’s longest ferry route, Vestfjordstrekninga, linking Bodø, Røst, Værøy and Moskenes.

The two ships, designed by Norwegian Ship Design, will use at least 85% “green hydrogen” fuel, which will help reduce CO2 emissions on the road by 26,500 tonnes each year. The two main components of the on-board hydrogen system are the hydrogen storage part, supplying hydrogen to the fuel cells and the fuel cells themselves, supplying electrical energy for the propulsion and all other consumers on board. The ferries are expected to enter service in October 2025.

LR has achieved the AiP following the completion of a comprehensive and constructive risk-based HAZID certification. With its experience and expertise in projects using hydrogen vessels and new fuels, LR has been chosen as a class company by Torghatten Nord. The project represents an important step in the maritime energy transition as the industry moves towards sustainable fuel sources.

Markus Büsig, President Northern Europe, Lloyd’s Register, said:

“We are pleased to grant approval in principle to Torghatten Nord based on a thorough risk analysis of the concept and the technology. Lloyd’s Register has been in Norway for 150 years, and we see this as a landmark project that will advance the use of hydrogen as a safe and sustainable future fuel.

Torkild Torkildsen, CEO of Torghatten Nord, said:

“We are satisfied with the AiP and we are proud to work with the best experts in hydrogen as a fuel for ships. Developing hydrogen ferries on such a long and exposed route is a world-class climate project d of great importance for the entire maritime sector and in particular for Bodø and Lofoten.

Lloyd’s Register expertise ensures that the innovative work we are doing in this project is based on safety, operational stability and good travel comfort for our passengers.

Gjermund Johannessen, CEO of Norwegian Ship Design, said:

“The boats that will be developed, built and operated are unrivaled anywhere in the world. We have to rethink and find completely new solutions compared to what we know today as ordinary ships. Impressive work has been done by Lloyd’s Register and Torghatten Nord to put this approval in principle in place.

We evaluated a number of different solutions for the on-board hydrogen system. and has developed a unique and safe concept that takes into account the properties of hydrogen. What we are developing now will likely set the standard for an entire class of hydrogen-powered passenger ships.

The AiP builds on LR’s zero-carbon projects in the region, including recent approval in principle for the hydrogen bulk carrier, With Orca, which was granted in March 2022.

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