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Cruise ships offer tourists the opportunity to explore the world and enjoy a wide range of facilities on board. A new ship from Storylines has created a new community that will have its main residence at sea.

Storylines was designed to give people the chance to explore the world while preserving their career and family life.

The MV Narrative, the brand’s ship, has 547 residences on board ranging from studios to four-bedroom apartments. spoke to Alister Punton, CEO of Storylines, to find out what kind of person is drawn to life at sea.

He said: “Business owners, lawyers, you name it, everyone and everyone come aboard the ship.”

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“It all comes back to the community. We want to build a community of like-minded people who want to share their experiences.

“After Covid, many more people want to work from the ship and consider it their main residence.

“We have a resident who works as a doctor who does telemedicine and he will continue to do so from the ship.”

Some of the community members will be families and the children will continue their education through a “Worldschooling” program which will include field trips.


Although joining the community does not require a “formal interview”, the team takes care to create a group of like-minded people.

Alister said: “We took a group trip with some of our residents and it was either going to be a complete disaster or a magical experience.

“It turned out to be a completely magical experience. People from all over the world have met and built their own community.

“It was like they were long-lost grade school buddies. When you step on board, the lifestyle starts there.

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Alister said around 36% of the ship’s residents are looking to live at sea full-time while the rest plan to spend around six to nine months at the residence.

When it comes to an itinerary, MV Narrative will be pretty flexible with one key goal in mind.

“We will follow the sun all year round. We want to make sure we have maybe 364 days of good weather,” said Alister.

He added: “We will also have resident choice days where every few months they can choose where the ship will go.

“We’ll spend about three to five days in each destination so you don’t get sea legs as a resident.

“Most of the time you are either on land or near land. So if you wanted to, you could actually spend more time on earth.

Residents will be free to come and go as they please and can fly to meet the ship at its next destination.

MV Narrative will have a library of 10,000 books, a cinema, a golf simulator, bowling and 20 bars and restaurants.

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