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Living at sea was perhaps an unattainable dream for many just a few months ago. But with five new players entering the market, it may be high time for nomads to start weighing their options.

Cruise Industry News has gathered everything we know about the offshore residency projects that are expected to come to fruition soon.

MV story
Operator: Scenarios
Delivery target: 2024
Capacity: 547 residences

After initially planning to purchase a used cruise ship, Storylines finally decided to build a purpose-built residential ship. The new ship – called MV Narrative – was ordered in 2021 and is being built at the Brodosplit shipyard in Croatia.

The ship features fully furnished residences ranging from 237 square feet to 2,411 square feet, priced between $ 300,000 and over $ 8 million for an upscale two-level penthouse suite. The MV Narrative is expected to enter service in 2024.

According to Storylines, owners and guests will have the opportunity to live a “sustainable life of luxury and freedom at sea.” Features include a waterfront marina, microbrewery, art studio, hydroponic gardens, and more.

Positioned as “the greenest vessel on the market”, the MV Narrative will use LNG as well as innovative reusable energy technologies and energy storage and recovery systems.

Dark Island
Operator: Clydebuilt
Delivery target: 2025
Capacity: 101 residential suites

The Dark Island is ready for production on the River Clyde in Scotland, with a target to start operations in 2025. The ship will be operated by the family business Clydebuilt and will include 101 residential suites.

The ship’s suites span eight decks and are now on sale, priced between £ 8million and £ 110million.

Each accommodation has its own cooking facilities, but the ship also has three restaurants with chefs drawing inspiration from classic Scottish dishes and regions.

The Dark Island also has a spa, a nail and pedicure salon, a hydrotherapy pool, a fitness and wellness center …

Operator: Ocean Residences
Delivery target: 2025
Capacity: 117 residences

The M / Y Njord – which was ordered in 2021 – is expected to enter service in 2025. The 289-meter residential yacht will include 117 residences when built at its shipyard, Meyer Werft.

According to the vessel operator Ocean Residences, the Njord is designed to meet “the strictest environmental regulations”, both upon delivery and in the future.

The vessel will be powered by dual fuel engines, with tank capacity for marine diesel and LNG, batteries for hybridization, heat recovery systems and advanced energy management systems.

Blue water
Operator: Blue water journeys
Built: To be determined
Capacity: 40 private residences

Blue Water Voyages is considering a concept of hybrid vessel, with residences for owners and passengers. First announced in 2019, the brand is reportedly considering a used cruise ship to showcase its product.

The original plans called for a service launch in 2021, with seven-day trips to the Mediterranean aimed at people with active lifestyles. Activities ranged from golfing to snorkeling and kayaking.

The company’s ship would consist of 425 berths, offering 200 standard cabins, 25 single rooms and two upper residential decks for a total of 40 apartments. The ship would also offer a full deck dedicated to spa and wellness procedures and another deck for sports and fitness.

Operator: To be determined
Built: 2024
Capacity: 39 apartments

The Somnio was designed by Tillberg Design of Sweden as a luxury residential yacht. The project is overseen by Captain Erik Bredhe and includes 39 apartments on board with amenities.

The Somnio – described as a yacht liner – is slated to enter service in 2024 and will feature a 10,000-bottle wine cellar, restaurants and bars, in addition to an onboard beach club offering water sports.

The ship will also be built with the highest future health and safety requirements in mind, and the owners say they will have access to “world-class health and medical services”.

All 39 apartments are already on sale, with supplies being strictly through an invitation or recommendation system.


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