Letters from the Old Country by Ben Lariccia

Many immigrants were in regular contact with their families back home. Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the engaged couple arranged plans for their wedding to take place either in the United States or in the United States. not. But no planning was possible without written correspondence between the parties.

In Europe, the First World War is taking place. The German Navy, believing that enemy ships were carrying weapons for the Allies, sank steamships, including ocean liners. The Lusitania was torpedoed barely two years ago. Newspapers are full of horror stories about deadly submarine attacks. Across the Atlantic, in Ohio, Gioso is waiting for his fiancée, but she hasn’t arrived as expected. You can imagine the letter he must have written to her. “Why didn’t you wire me from Naples as we had decided?” I haven’t heard from you for so long. Where are you? When are you going to the United States?

Lucia, his fiancée, responds in a defensive and nervous tone to the delays in his departure for the USA. However, she is convinced that she will soon get there. Just be patient.


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