It’s time to restore GCC to its once prestigious place



Mr. Editor,

Allow me space in your letters column to express my concern regarding the condition of Georgetown Cricket Club and management or should I say the lack thereof. Since His Excellency, Dr Irfaan Ali, and other leaders in the Caribbean expressed their concerns about the state of West Indian cricket, I have felt that the time has come to raise the following questions, in the hope that ‘some kind of change can be made. I begin by commending the government of Guyana for their efforts to promote sport in Guyana, especially cricket, by providing grants to clubs across the country to help improve the pitches, etc. As a result of this initiative, the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) received $ 2 million GYD; however, if one were to visit the field, the imagery would indicate that the club is in terrible shape. In fact, the doors, the seats and the buildings are collapsing. This begs the question… what was the use that was made of the grant?

Editor-in-Chief, it is well known that clubs raise funds from a variety of sources, a primary source being the annual dues paid by club members. However, GCC has not had a “vote” for over 18 months. For readers who are not familiar with the term “Ballot”, this is the process of checking or deliberation on the entry of new members. In my humble opinion, allowing new members into the club increases the club’s income to allow for its upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, 18 months without ‘Ballot’ is a big loss for the club, as there are tons of people waiting to be admitted. In addition, members of the executive and / or committee are rarely seen or present at the club. In my opinion, this is an important factor contributing to the myriad of issues the club are currently facing. The club president is hardly ever there and rarely looks after the interests of the club. This is just one example of the terrible leadership that has befallen this once prestigious organization.

As a result, the manager manages the organization like his private enterprise. Many members are upset by this current state of affairs. The basic services offered by the club are terrible and people are most often disgusted with them. Notably, the club president and executive members are all successful businessmen and women. Obviously, if they were committed to the interests of the club as they are in their various activities, the club will also be successful and not be in the state of abandonment in which it is now. Editor, I have to mention that due to the pandemic I don’t expect the club to be reckless and have massive events to raise funds etc. However, I recently visited Everest Cricket Club and a few other clubs in Georgetown including some on the East Coast and these clubs are all thriving. These clubs have: increased the number of their members; increase the number of sports offered to members, thereby attracting people from all walks of life; erected fires; makes repairs and upgrades to their various club buildings and other facilities. Therefore, I don’t buy the excuse of “… oh it’s Covid time that’s why we’re in this position…”

I hope that as I write this letter more people will join us and speak out for a change in the state of affairs at GCC. It is time for us to have new leadership. Leaders who genuinely care and want to make changes that continue the legacy of the organization. It is time to restore this club to its once prestigious position and to do so, we must first get rid of the bad leaders who currently only occupy decision-making positions.

Yours faithfully,

Rawle Nichols


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