Is there a risk to using plastic liners in your slow cooker?

With a low risk of chemical-related illness and a big reduction in cleanup time, slow cooker liners may seem like the perfect addition to the kitchen; however, there are other pros and cons to consider before purchasing a box. For one thing, they’re not the cheapest. A box of four bags of the aforementioned standard-size Reynolds liners is $9.99 at walmart. While it won’t break the bank, it could add up if you use your slow cooker regularly, especially considering a BBC report noting that an important part of the slow cooker’s appeal is its cost effectiveness.

Another major concern people have with slow cooker liners stems from a different kind of safety: environmental safety. There’s no getting around it, crockpot liners are single-use plastics, which means they end up in landfills, or worse, the ocean. Crystal’s Kitchen Utensil Center notes that not only are the liners single-use, but they are non-biodegradable since they are made of nylon. This material allows them to withstand heat of up to 400 degrees, but unfortunately makes them a pain for the planet.

If you’ve found other ways to reduce your carbon footprint and are comfortable with a little more plastic for convenience, there are other benefits to using these bags. Mainly, according to The family freezerwhether you enjoy giving prepared meals to your friends to cook at their convenience, or whether you have a disability that limits your hand mobility, making the lack of necessary cleaning an even bigger bonus.

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