Indian travelers prioritize health and safety as top priority: IntrCity survey

IntrCity, has released the results of a travel study exploring consumer behavior and travel preferences. The study reveals that 65% of commuters prefer trips with toilets on board, while 60% prefer buses equipped with GPS tracking.

IntrCity, has released the results of a travel study, exploring the consumer behavior and travel preferences of Indian adults. The results show that with long vacations, family reunions and work trips, Indians are enthusiastic but cautious about traveling again, especially as restrictions begin to ease in the country.

The results show that the focus on hygiene and safety has increased exponentially. 65% of commuters prefer trips with toilets on board, while 60% prefer buses equipped with GPS tracking. Indian travelers prefer SmartBus and are willing to pay more for their additional services.

Women commuters prefer safety, while men prefer punctuality in choosing the mode of travel. This survey was conducted among more than 3,000 travelers with a focus on bus travel.

The vast majority of travelers focus on safety and hygiene

In the survey, hygiene emerged as the top priority for intercity travelers, followed by safety and punctuality in that order, very similar to last year’s survey. The bias in favor of hygiene and disinfection points to a more eternal shift to the “new normal”, even as the pandemic begins to wane.

Among the factors that influence the choice of travel mode, health and safety occupy the first 2 places, followed by pricing and punctuality as the third important factor.

Nearly 2/3 of all respondents declared a clear preference for a Smart Bus over a regular bus, given the various advantages it offers relatively. More encouragingly, even more respondents (75%) are willing to pay more for these benefits, compared to a regular bus. Among these benefits, automated GPS and on-board restrooms are two of the most popular features for commuters, according to the survey.

Intercity travelers generally have a positive opinion of GPS tracking on their buses, with 60% agreeing that it will make their trip more convenient and hassle-free. Those unsure of its usefulness or downright uncomfortable with GPS tracking make up less than a third of all respondents, regardless of gender, age group and background. Similarly, a private bathroom receives approval from over 65% of all respondents across all genders and age groups.

Recovery on the back of functional trips/recreational trips

Of all respondents, more than 70% are long-distance functional travelers, with 31% traveling for work, 32% to meet family or loved ones, while 8% are students traveling to schools or colleges .

However, one-fifth of all intercity trips are for vacation and leisure purposes, in stark contrast to last year’s IntrCity survey which showed a drop in planned vacations by more than 70% of respondents. This highlights the upsurge in travel to the country, especially at the start of the pandemic.

Speaking about the survey, Kapil Raizada, co-founder of IntrCity, said: “In a post-pandemic world, as travel and tourism recovers at an unprecedented rate and major restrictions on trips are relaxed, trips seem to have made a huge come back. We are constantly striving to deliver best-in-class service to our passengers by adopting the right technology to deliver maximum profitability and stay ahead of the curve with innovative transport solutions.

He added: “We are delighted to share the results of our survey which highlights the priorities of intercity travelers via Smart Bus. The new normal demands brand affinity towards Smart Bus by prioritizing various factors. Given the strong demand for intercity bus travel, it appears that traveler confidence has returned to pre-pandemic levels for both leisure and non-leisure travel. We look forward to our continued involvement in making these offerings a class of their own in this competitive era.

IntrCity also recently launched its first-ever digital campaign, “It’s not a bus, it’s a smart bus,” highlighting the importance of on-board restrooms for intercity travellers.

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