Here’s how much travelers can be fined for falsifying vaccination documents



Travelers hoping to board a plane, as well as some trains and ships in Canada, have just over a month to get a full vaccine or face a hefty fine.

As of October 30, travelers aged 12 and over must be immunized against COVID-19 in order to board a plane, VIA Rail or Rocky Mountaineer train, or cruise ship in Canada.

There will be a “transition period” until November 30, during which unvaccinated people can have a negative COVID-19 molecular test performed within 72 hours of travel.

Those who falsify information or do not comply with the vaccine mandate will face “serious consequences” the federal government said.

Individual air travelers and industry employees can be fined up to $ 5,000 per violation, while operators can be fined up to $ 25,000.

In the maritime sector, the mandate only applies to non-essential passenger ships, such as cruise ships, for voyages of more than 24 hours.

Maritime travelers can be fined up to $ 250,000 per violation per day. The same heavy penalty applies to employees and operators in the sector.

Railway companies that do not comply can be fined up to $ 250,000 per violation per day. The federal government has not specified what penalties individual rail travelers will face.

There will be “very limited exceptions” to the immunization mandate, such as specific situations regarding emergency travel and people who cannot be immunized.

Transport Canada will enforce the vaccine mandate, including issuing fines and establishing a monitoring system for each mode of transport.

A standardized Canada-wide vaccination passport system is under development and is already available in several provinces, including Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

The system is a “reliable way” to show proof of immunization when traveling within the country and abroad.

“The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring the safety of the transportation sector, including employees and travelers,” said a federal government release.

“Mandatory vaccination for the federally regulated aviation, rail and marine sectors helps limit the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and helps prevent future outbreaks. “


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