Grizzly Bear Diary


Yes, that of Werner Herzog grizzly man stands the test of time. This is undoubtedly one of the author’s most remarkable achievements. As such, it may seem odd that Erik Nelson and Jewel Palovak, the producers of the 2005 documentary, are retreading that land for the three-episode miniseries. Grizzly Bear Diary. As Herzog delves into the life of the Grizzly Man, aka Timothy Treadwell, via interviews, reviewing footage he shot, and insight into how humans and nature coexist, this is crafted like the Treadwell movie. was doing.

For 13 years, Timothy Treadwell traveled to Hallo Bay in Alaska, in particular to the “Big Green” plain of the “Bear Sanctuary”. Growing up, he felt close to animals and took advantage of his seasonal excursions to observe and record bears. Eventually, he would even befriend some of them. He would document as much as possible his daily routine and that of the bears during this time. Treadwell’s ultimate goal was to create the world’s most intimate and expansive documentary about bears. Sadly, in October 2003, Treadwell and his girlfriend were killed when a bear killed them, presumably for food.

Treadwell’s ultimate goal was to create the most intimate and the largest in the world documentary on bears.

Grizzly Bear Diary, which credits Timothy Treadwell as director for all three episodes, presents the images of the man with minimal changes. Of course, there’s no way of knowing how Treadwell himself would have this changed, but Nelson and Palovak remain true to his stated intentions. You see, the images unfold undisturbed, with text sometimes interposed to give context to a time change or more information about a development being discussed.

Treadwell’s love for bears and nature is evident from the first image, so it’s no surprise that he feels at home in a place like the Katmai Coast. Due to his constant presence and calm demeanor, he was able to get extraordinarily close to animals. This is the biggest asset of the series, because it is a wonder how they interact with it and vice versa. It also helps build respect for these gargantuan creatures, as the filmmaker captures them majestically and shows the animals to be more playful than initially expected.

There are two more episodes of Grizzly Man’s Journal to watch, because only the first has been made available for review. However, if they are just as hypnotic and engaging as this first installment, then the whole series will be well worth everyone’s time.

Side note: I did not see Grizzly Man’s Diaries and, therefore, have no basis of comparison between this show and this one.


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