‘Gentlemen Dance Hosts’ will return to ships, says Silversea boss! And more information on luxury cruises: live from Silver Dawn

(10:22 a.m. EDT) — Gentlemen hosts, single men who are hired aboard cruise ships to host social events and dance with single women, have fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that glue in the fabric on long cruises will return, confirmed Silversea Cruises CEO Roberto Martinoli.

“Especially for world cruises,” Martinoli said during a media breakfast on Silver Dawn, the newest ship in the Silversea fleet. “It’s essential on these trips,” he added.

What exactly is a gentleman host? Also known as Cruise Dance Hosts, these ship employees have a variety of social functions they perform on a ship. In addition to making sure single women aren’t sitting on the sidelines, they also host tables in the dining room, go on shore excursions, and show up at social events.

You’re more likely to find cruise dance hosts on luxury and high-end cruise lines, and on longer cruises. Besides Silversea, companies that have hosted cruise dancers in the past include Cunard, Holland America Line and the defunct Crystal Cruises.

Despite their name, gentlemen dance entertainers weren’t always men. Crystal brought a dance ambassador on her Ballroom at Sea cruises to dance with single men. Demographics and female longevity being what they are, long cruises generally have more single women than men.

Requirements for cruise dance hosts may vary by line, but generally gentleman hosts are part of the silver-haired set, with a complement of dance moves – fox-trot, waltz, swing, rumba and cha cha – in their repertoire (they must also be able to dance to pop music in a nightclub). They receive employment in exchange for passage on the cruise; even though they often share a cabin and are strictly forbidden from romantic liaisons on board, the job was highly coveted in the pre-COVID era.

Martinoli did not give a timeline for the return of the hosts – they are not on the line’s current world cruise – so single men ready to mingle should save their resumes for now.

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Week-long expedition cruises attracting newer and younger travelers

Antarctica Silversea

During Silver Dawn, which is to be christened on Thursday, March 31 in Lisbon, Martinoli and Silversea Commercial Director Barbara Muckermann briefed media and agents on the Antarctic shipping season that just ended.

Of particular interest: Air cruise trips across the Antarctic Bridge – which allow travelers to avoid the long and often dangerous Drake Passage by flying directly to the White Continent and boarding a ship – have attracted a new type of passenger for the luxury cruise line. .

Muckermann said the offer, which debuted this season in late 2021, has attracted Silicon Valley tech millionaires, as well as other young people who are still working and have yet to take the plunge. their retirement.

“Seven-day high-energy voyages, they tend to attract non-cruisers,” she said, adding that Galapagos voyages on Silversea’s newly-christened expedition vessel Silver Origin are also selling well. . “It’s like a sea safari and it draws those crowds.”

While it’s tempting to avoid the seasickness that can come with navigating the Drake Passage, voyages on the Antarctic Bridge require more mobility than the line’s traditional offering, Muckermann noted.

Passengers should don all their cold-weather gear during the charter flight from Punta Arenas, she said. The plane lands on a gravel road at a military base in Antarctica and requires walking in the cold for about a mile before reaching the Zodiacs which will take you to your Silversea cruise ship.

Still, being able to cross this trip off the bucket list with so little downtime – the typical Antarctica cruise has at least four days at sea round-trip on the Drake – is an attractive option, especially for those who can’t leave work or reliable Wi-Fi for long periods of time.

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What Saudi nationals want on their cruise

Plaque ceremony for Silver Whisper in Saudi Arabia

No two nationalities are alike – and in 2020 Silversea Cruises had the opportunity to explore what Saudi nationals like to do at sea when the company chartered Silver Spirit to the Kingdom for the month of July.

It is no secret that Saudi Arabia has invested in bringing the cruise industry to its country. As Cruise Critic editor Adam Coulter discovered when he sailed to Saudi Arabia on Scenic Eclipse last year, the Kingdom plans to build five ports along the Red Sea coast and redevelop the port of Jeddah to integrate it into the city.

Martinoli sees the country as an upcoming opportunity for international passengers, especially the European market. The line has also learned a lot about what the domestic Saudi market wants in a luxury cruise during the charter.

First, the ship had to adapt to different times, Martinoli said. Due to the heat of the country, people are used to more activities in the evening and until late at night; it was not uncommon for passengers to socialize on the upper deck until 3 or 4 a.m., Martinoli said. This meant that the mornings were very quiet.

Second, the line had to develop a wide selection of mocktails, as well as non-alcoholic drinks, as alcohol is not allowed to be served on ships in Saudi waters, he said.

In terms of menu items, the line offered its usual array of deluxe fare, such as caviar and truffles. Chefs also learned a selection of local dishes, so passengers had something familiar to eat on board, Martinoli said.

Saudi Arabia welcomed a second Silversea ship, Silver Whisper, to the ports of Jeddah and Yanbu last week, and a plate and key exchange ceremony was held at both ports.

Stay tuned for more Silver Dawn coverage later in the week.

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