Former Celebrity cruise ship arrives to be scrapped in India

The former Celebrity Cruises and Pullmantur Cruises cruise ship Zenith arrived at the shipbreaking yard in Alang, India. The 30-year-old cruise ship, which is currently anchored off Alang, will be broken up for scrap in the coming months. Zenith was built in 1992 by the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.

The ship follows her sister, Horizon, arrived at the Aliaga shipbreaking yard in Turkey just over three weeks ago, also to be broken up. Both ships sailed for Celebrity Cruises and Spanish cruise line Pullmantur.

Zenith awaits scrapping in India

Built in 1992 at the world famous Meyer shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, after almost thirty years of service, Zenith has reached its final destination. The former Celebrity Cruises and Pullmantur cruise ship has arrived at the Alang shipbreaking yard in Alang, India, where it will be broken up into scrap.

The 47,413 gross ton cruise ship is currently anchored off Alang, awaiting when it will be beached in preparation for the start of demolition work.

Since 2021, Zenith awaited her fate in Greece, where she remained until recently. She then sailed to Oman, where she was renamed TSM Singaporeuntil the time to set sail for Alang.

Photo credit: Amnesiac86 / Creative Commons

Zenith was built by Meyer Shipyard in Germany for Celebrity Cruises and began her career sailing from Florida to the Caribbean and Bermuda. She was operational for Celebrity Cruises until 2007. In 2007, Zenith transferred to Pullmantur Cruises, the Spanish cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean Group.

From 2007 he spent most of his time sailing around the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands until he transferred to CDF Cruises from France, joining its sister ship, L’Horizon, in 2014.

His career at the French Cruise Line, also owned by the Royal Caribbean Group, did not last long. In 2017 the company was dissolved and Zenith resumed service with Pullmantur Cruises.

However, at the time, the Spanish cruise line was already in trouble. Royal Caribbean Group announced in July 2019 that Zenith would be sold to Peace Boat in early 2020. She was last active as a peace boat in 2020-2021 before being replaced by Princess of the Sun.

Two Sisters Now Scrapped

Zenith of celebrities was a exact copy of his sister, Celebrity Skyline. Both ships had thirty-year sailing careers, mostly sailing for the same cruise lines.

Scrapped Monarch and Sovereign cruise ships

When it was built, Celebrity Skyline was the very first newly built cruise ship for the cruise line. Celebrity Skyline arrived at Aliaga shipbreaking yard, Turkey in August 2022, also for demolition.

Zenith of celebrities and Horizon marked the start of Celebrity Cruises becoming a global giant in the cruise industry. The same cannot be said for Pullmantur Cruises. Although the business was popular at first, the last two years before the pandemic showed a sharp decline in profitability.

In June 2020, Royal Caribbean Group and the Board of Directors announced a reorganization, which evolved into a complete liquidation in July 2021.

Zenith cruise ship

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