Focus Edumatics will create opportunities for 5,000 online tutors over the next year



Education is one of the most important aspects of any individual’s life, and with the digital transformation at its peak, the EdTech industry is clearly gaining a greater market share.

With this in mind, Focus Edumatics, a technology-driven EdTech company, offers strategic technology solutions in education and software development. The company invests in the development of high-quality, user-centric e-learning products by adopting diverse advanced technology.

With the development of high quality, user-centric e-learning products at heart, Focus Edumatics is a technology-driven EdTech company providing strategic solutions in education and software development.

The company is currently expanding its business across the country and is looking to recruit 5,000 online tutors and 100 software developers for the 2021-22 academic year.

Interested candidates who wish to apply to Focus Edumatics can visit the link:

At present, Focus Edumatics is looking to expand its market share by on-boarding more than 5,000 online tutors and 100 software developers to meet its current operational needs. EdTech will hire that number in the 2021-2022 academic year and aggressively invite talented individuals for a broad round of interviews.

Focus Edumatics, through its US-based B2B products, entered the K12 segment in 2012, and now has over 10,000 schools and 1 million students to its credit providing a redefined learning experience. The company’s B2B online tutoring platform has captured a huge market share in the United States. In addition, the company’s tutoring activity is experiencing phenomenal growth resulting in a huge increase in the need for skilled labor.

Commenting on the same, UK Rana, President of Focus Edumatics, said: “Our business has multiplied and the pandemic has created huge opportunities for our business from a business growth perspective. We are pleased that our growth has directly created jobs and skills development opportunities for first year students in the industry. We are currently expanding our business to gain market share globally and therefore we are actively seeking motivated tutors and software developers to help us achieve our target goal. “

EdTech Company is working to create a team of intelligent, motivated and educated people. Therefore, candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of a subject test and a language test which will be taken online. To offer a differentiating functionality, Focus Edumatics will provide online training for tutors for 4-6 weeks followed by a certification test, which will ensure that only the best reaches the learners. Tutors will be certified as an online tutor and integrated as a full-time employee working from home or at one of our facilities located in Bangalore or Coimbatore.

Focus Edumatics has added a few new services to its basket of products and services, such as online monitoring and essay scoring for the K12 segment in the United States. The long-term plan is to create a train-the-trainer school and produce certified online tutors to meet the growing need for quality online tutoring at home and abroad.

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