Federally Wanted Man Rescued, Arrested By Atlantic City Cops



It was a wild scene in Atlantic City on Monday that started with cops allegedly witnessing drug trafficking in a parking lot and ended with one of the suspects, who was wanted federally, been rescued from the bay.

The Atlantic City Police Department said two of their detectives, Christopher Smith and Christopher Dodson, were in the area of ​​Texas and Pacific avenues on Monday when they observed a Ford Explorer in a parking lot. They say two people in this SUV engaged in drug dealing with a man approaching them. After the transaction, this man returned to his vehicle and left; additional detectives began to follow this vehicle.

Meanwhile, Smith and Dodson attempted to stop the Explorer in the lot. That’s when the cops say, “As they approached the vehicle, the driver, Dwayne Townsend, rolled the Explorer backwards and crashed into Detective Dodson’s vehicle. Townsend then accelerated, prompting Detective Smith to quickly get to safety. [then] ran away through a fence before entering Pacific Avenue. “

The Explorer was later found unoccupied at Morris and Sunset Avenues and officers found Townsend swimming in the bay. Police said Townsend initially refused the officers’ order to swim to shore, but eventually did, only to get back to the water as the cops approached.

Authorities say Townsend, who was fully clothed, was struggling to stay afloat and was rescued by an ACPD officer. He was transported to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center-City Division for treatment.

Police said when Townsend was arrested he was found to be in possession of a loaded and damaged handgun; heroin; marijuana; and cocaine.

Townsend had two outstanding arrest warrants for his arrest issued by the United States Marshals Service and the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office.

Dwayne Townsend, 27, of Atlantic City, was charged with Assault by Car, Aggravated Assault, Illegal Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon While Committing a CDS Offense, Possession of a degraded firearm, possession of a high capacity magazine, some non-possession of a weapon, obstruction of justice, dodging, possession of CDS (three counts), possession with intent to distribute CDS (three counts), possession of narcotics paraphernalia and contempt of court (two counts).

Townsend will be returned to the Atlantic County Justice Center upon discharge from hospital.

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