Explained: How did the drugs end up on a cruise ship bound for Goa?



Why did NCB descend on the cruise ship?

During questioning of some drug traffickers, NCB officials said, they learned that some people cruising in Goa would take drugs with them.

Based on this tip, around 20 BCN officials booked tickets and boarded the cruise ship Cordelia disguised as passengers. They waited for the moment when those on board allegedly started using narcotics and caught them red-handed. The ship’s captain was then asked to take the cruise back to Ballard Pier International Cruise Terminal in South Mumbai. The detainees were taken to the nearby BCN office.

What is the state of the matter?

Currently, BCN officials have detained eight people, including Aryan Khan, son of actor Shah Rukh Khan. An FIR was registered in the case and BCN officials said they would perform blood tests and check the luggage of some of those detained.

What drugs were found on the cruise ship?

According to the NCB, they found cocaine, mephedrone, MDMA and ecstasy in the cruise ship. They have yet to determine the amount of drug seized, which will determine which sections could be relied on in the case.

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How was the drug smuggled on board?

Based on the investigation so far, some passengers have special pockets sewn onto their clothes to evade security checks and smuggle drugs on board. One of those detained allegedly hid the drugs in the heel of his shoe, a source said.

Who is responsible for security?

Passenger entry for cruise ships is through the green gate of Ballard Pier. Security at the gates is provided by the CISF and the Bombay Port Trust.

Executives at Waterways Leisure Tourism, owner of Cordelia, cannot search passengers and it was the job of security forces to screen passengers before they were allowed to board the ship.

A “welcome” note that was sent to passengers detailing the ship’s schedule and dos and don’ts also stated that narcotics are not allowed on board.

Are ships allowed to organize events and parties on board?

Cruise ships must obtain a license for their operations.

Navigation director general Amitabh Kumar told the Indian Express Cordelia was unlicensed.
“This Cordelia cruise ship is not licensed under the Merchant Shipping Act. The operators had applied for the license. There were loopholes and the license was not given, ”he said.

When asked if the vessel was operating without a license, Jurgen Bailom, CEO of Cordelia and President of Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd, responded with this statement: “By means of this statement I wish to express that Cordelia Cruises is not in any case, directly or indirectly, linked to this incident. Cordelia Cruises had chartered her vessel for a private event from a Delhi-based event management company.

Cordelia Cruises is extremely concerned with providing healthy entertainment for families who choose to travel with us. This incident is against the grain and far removed from the culture that Cordelia Cruises represents. At Cordelia Cruises we condemn all such acts and we will strictly refrain from letting our ship out for similar events in the future. Nevertheless, Cordelia Cruises extends our full support and cooperates with the authorities. “

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