Discovery Princess officially named by the TV star’s godfathers

In a ceremony held Friday at the Port of Los Angeles, the TV stars and the show’s hosts united as godparents and officially named Discovery Princess. The godparents included fashion designer Randy Fenoli, chef Alex Guarnaschelli, special effects designer and maker Adam Savage, and real estate broker and pinball machine extraordinaire Page Turner.

Standing together at the retirement pool on Discovery Princess’ open deck with ship’s captain Gennaro Arma, they said: “We call this ship the Discovery Princess. May God bless her and all who sail on her.

They then sent a giant bottle of champagne the size of Nebuchadnezzar against the ship for the celebratory smash, officially welcoming Discovery Princess to the fleet of Princess Cruises, the world’s first international cruise line and leader on the West Coast.

Discovery Princess Godfathers

The “Discover Our World” themed ceremony blended maritime tradition with contemporary elements, celebrating the cruise line’s exclusive seven-year Discovery at SEA™ program – bringing the spirit of curiosity and exploration to every cruise through branded experiences like Shark Week at Sea, exclusive shore excursions and onboard activities such as Camp Discovery and Stargazing at SEA youth centers.

“Today is a momentous celebration as our newest ship, Discovery Princess, is officially named by this talented group of experts and personalities – Randy, Alex, Adam and Page,” said John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises. “We can’t think of more suitable sponsors to mark this milestone.”

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