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As a first-class comprehensive research university in Asia, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is committed to propelling innovation and technology, turning innovative inventions into industries and benefiting humanity. .

To promote the development of an innovation ecosystem on campus, CUHK launched the first CUHK Innovation Day, with the slogan “Innovation, Patents and Beyond”, showcasing the University’s research efforts these recent years, including the new CUHK satellite project, robotics, and other features.

In addition, CUHK created the InnoPort to provide CUHK members with a platform to showcase scientific inventions and connect industry resources, in order to achieve knowledge transfer. On September 23, 2021, CUHK hosted the opening ceremony of CUHK Innovation Day and InnoPort.

The innovation and technology secretary of the Hong Kong SAR government noted that this government mandate is committed to promoting the development of I&T to give new impetus to the economy, improve the quality life and create quality jobs for young people.

It is hoped that the university and academia will be able to seize the opportunities offered by the National 14e The five-year plan and the development of the Great Bay region to help make Hong Kong an international I&T hub, he added.

The Vice Chancellor and President of CUHK said that the University seeks to integrate research, innovation and enterprise in a dynamic and productive continuum, namely, to generate impact based on the directions of research and development. existing and strategically identified innovation, and to capitalize on the opportunities available to the private sector and government through a public-private partnership.

The University is ready to take advantage of the opportunities and resources offered by the government and the region of the Grande Baie, within the framework of the “National 14e Five-year plan announced in March which supports Hong Kong’s development into an international I&T hub, the cross-border flow of innovative elements and integration into national development.

In addition to exhibiting 20 innovation studies led by CUHK professors at InnoPort and Yasumoto International University Park, CUHK Innovation Day also hosted six thematic sessions and a panel discussion on topics covering technology. of satellite and mobile detection and its applications in public health, green energy and advanced materials research, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine development, future demand for technologies in the electrical industry, detection technology laser gas and strategies to improve early language development.

In order to actively promote the development of the innovation ecosystem, the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS) has been established to provide comprehensive support, helping faculty find the appropriate resources to their research, providing support for their funding requests and facilitating collaborations with external parties, including business partners.

ORKTS is also responsible for formulating and implementing research-related strategies to support the development of research conducted by the University, improve the standard of academic research, and encourage faculty and students to use their research knowledge and expertise to create different types of societal impact. .

From research to innovation through entrepreneurship, a complete innovation ecosystem is being formed. ORKTS has implemented a series of incubation initiatives including the Pre-Incubation Center (PI), training competitions and various funding programs such as the Technology Start-up Support Program for Universities (TSSSU ), the Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (S-KPF) to provide students and faculty with financial support and business consulting support to realize their entrepreneurial efforts.

After the CUHK Innovation Day, the CUHK will host the CUHK Entrepreneurship Day from September 24th to 25th. It will include the CUHK Entrepreneurship Final Competition, a product exhibition area and over 100 online booths from CUHK-related start-ups, demonstrating the vigorous development of the university’s innovation and entrepreneurship activities.


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